For any website there are regulations and risks that come with running one. Here you can read about how is your privacy protected and what happens to additional information you might need to disclose in order to place an order.

Payment Information

I have minimized as best possible the amounts of unavoidable exchanging of personal information as to I accept PaySafecard codes/digits, which is completely anonymous, PayPal that works as a third party to handle all transactions and Payment Request that’s been sent out by Me, which means there is no disclosing personal data on your side.

  • Also note, PayPal and Payment Requests are Business Accounts which may blend also better with your bank statements.

Tracking and Cookies

There is no tracking and no Cookies that this site would be using. I do not care actually where My customers are coming from, as long as they are of legal age. I do not use promotions or pop-ups, no newsletters nothing whatsoever. You will come to Me, I do not need to come to you, that should be the natural order of things.


E-mails which you’ve used to contact Me are kept and protected by SSL by the host ( TransIP ) and are strictly there for communication purposes until the order has been fulfilled and closed. After that period all e-mail addresses are being erased in all folders.

Content Warning

According to local and international laws any website that contains sexually explicit material must visitors foresee with a proper warning. The website is therefor using a landing page. The website clearly states its nature, providing viewers with the choice to decide whether to leave or to stay. The site provides visitors with an exit page as well, which will guide them back to their browser’s searching engine or to Google if there is non selected by default.

As you can see, this website has it all! It’s subtle and seductive, keeps a low profile and stands with you on protecting privacy as best possible. Also, this website meets legal requirements and, never the less it is Mine.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, have a wonderful time!