Stocking Feet Sniff

6 minutes 29 seconds / € 15,- | Did you really we were gonna get intimate? This is as good as it gets for you stuff your filthy face against My soles! Are you coming already? You may proceed to blow your load you pathetic, loser, beta bitch!

Joyful Soles

10 minutes 3 seconds / € 15,- | Staring at My perfect, pantyhose covered legs is enough to get you to your knees. Your arousal cannot lie, you have a boner on Me, only by staring at My legs and these perfect feet. You are going to pull on your cock and the whole time I want you to keep staring at these soles. Perfect JOI for the nylon weak and jerkaholic audience… there is so many man like you out there, just weak…

The Crazy Therapist

15 minutes 31 seconds / € 15,- | Have you been attending therapy-fantasy for 15 years straight and didn’t make a progress? you don’t wanna say what was the core issue that you’ve been seeking therapy-fantasy that’s fine you know I’ll respect client-therapist-fantasy privilege but then tell Me just one last thing before you come to your first session to Me tomorrow, what is it about My feet that you just can’t keep taking your eyes off. It didn’t take Me 15 years did it now to get to the bottom of this, you couldn’t stop staring at My feet from the very first second on you have entered My practice.

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