Mom Can’t Help Herself

15 minutes 21 seconds / € 15,- | Since her son attending therapy session for the so-many-eth time, didn’t realized it was his Mom who sneaked into the practice, took over charge of everything. Of course Mom though tries it really good, she fails to keep her hands off that smoke! And that means for her son, now that he is unaware of his Moms doing, he will smoke with her. Not that he knows it. After all he was sent to the counselor for having troubling dreams.


Let Me Fetch My File On You

8 minutes 54 seconds/ € 15,- | How have you been Jake? Are you strong and healthy? But you know real strength is not in the muscles Jake, its in the mind. Get down to your knees, the perfect place for you. You are not a leader you follow commands. Kiss and lick My soles slave, you do like it when I trigger those buttons don’t you? Your only purpose to visit My practice is to practice your pumping skills, come on! As your therapist I will never let you get better, ever! … You still need to blow your load for Me slave! Get yourself cleaned up and out of My office!

Failed Counseling

4 minutes 29 seconds / € 10,- | I wonder what the reasons can be for you to come back so often to see Me. you supposed to practice all the time, yet you are coming to see Me even more often than My most regular patience even though you are saying that you feel better now. But you are still a porn addict aren’t you? I have seen it on your face right when you have stepped into My office. you told Me the very second you achieve a session with Me without getting turned on that you will know you got better. Yet…

Stroked Counseling JOI

19 minutes 51 seconds / € 20,- | Can you tell me what happened since the last time you came to see me? you’ve made such a great progress and then yet again you had a relapse-fantasy. I frequently get the feeling with you that you are just finding ways to come back even more often. I need to take a firm hand now, I want you to get down to your knees, you’ll be attending therapy-fantasy from now on in this position. What happened? Did you not practice enough? I told you you need to practice a lot, throughout the entire day every day. No do not try to crawl back to that seat, its not for you. People who come to see me and wanna get better may sit down but not you, otherwise you might wanna stick around forever. Down! Staying down where I told you to, and I want you to unload the stress of the day, you’ll be stroke for me now, but first strip all those clothes put them down on the chair, also your underwear. No questions asked, just do as you are told to…

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