Boot Worship Part I.

11 minutes 41 seconds / € 15,- | In a very different setting, teaching obedience and self control to My slave. Wearing My thigh high black lacquer boots and black lacquer corset with a lace bra and tight leggings is, the perfect way to get the attention I want for this training. My goal is to teach a submissive what’s a proper way to great a Mistress and to keep position. Cum with Me on this journey which is built with a sensual character and spiced up with a mellow tone to suit the contrast of Power Exchange, Dominance and submission. Part II. should follow shortly.

Pink Jelly

12 minutes 52 seconds / € 15,- | I was thinking today for dinner time I am going to feed you with something I am just trying out. I think you are gonna like it and if not doesn’t matter because anyway I am just gonna shove it down your throat. So what you think? Shall we put this one on the menu? Or you need a taste before we do that? Would you like to taste it? Yes you do, aw you wanna taste my jelly pink dick, right? Come on what are you saying, you drooling over the floor aren’t you dripping pre-cum already, you so wish so I’d shove this dong down your throat. You are just so eager to try out this new dish. Tonight is o the menu, my pink jelly rubber dick. Definitely looks tasty, so what’s it gonna be? You are gonna suck me so good and so deep, those tears will be rolling down your cheeks. I think you like it I think I can set the table bitch! ……. Oh you thought I was gonna rape you with my cock? You thought I was gonna shove it down your throat havent you, dreaming away you little bitch? I bet your cocky is hard now, I think you can just pinch it with two fingers, because you know what I don’t believe that you have a dick between your legs. So just pinch it, and just remember all those horny stuff you’d hoped I’d do to you and just rub that useless pathetic clitty onto the idea that I would rape you. …. Its not your fault though that you have left with a tiny undeveloped clitty. Take it you little horny slut. Just pull on it a couple more times and I am sure that you can squirt some cum right there, squirt for me, only for me, right now.

Serving Me

9 minutes 33 seconds / € 15,- | your addiction to porn is out of control, it requires immediate care. your wanking yourself day in and day out, it has a serious impact on your day to day life… I am talking about you! I am going to teach you how to behave. your addiction is a serious fact, you need to admit that! you will learn how to manage a day, two days, 5 days, 6 days, 7days, two weeks, a month, three months a year without that endless stroking. I will teach you that! I will teach you not wanting to touch your cock. you will be listening and obeying and you will become a servant to Me, you will be occupied with things on how to satisfy Me, My urges, My needs! In return I will learn you how to live your life without giving in to those urges, without wanking yourself to a complete stupidity. you will learn it on the hard way, you will please Me, satisfy Me, learn to take pleasure in completely another ways. you will await Me till I come home at the door, you will put My shoes out put them near, get on those fours and clean them with your tongue. you will then organise My closet, arrange My laundry run errands for Me, but most certainly you will keep My shoes clean. you will learn to control your urges, most importantly you will learn how not to be that pathetic weirdo. Soon enough the only thing will occupy your tiny mind is when your Goddess will return back home, so you could serve Me. I will teach you how to live life happily, orgasm free. I am not gonna allow you anymore to have your tiny mind clouded….

If Only

10 minutes 53 seconds / € 15,- | Get down to your knees, right now! There is no way you are leveling with Me! All you have got to do is to obey Me. I will break you and I will break your filthy habits. I will rule over you you simply have to obey and if you fail to do so I will punish you. Stay down on your knees and start begging Me, beg Me to control you, beg Me so you could serve Me. you will be broken into submission before you even realize that you have lost all of your rights. you will sooner then you think beg Me to use you, beg Me to take advantage of you. Sooner then you think the day will come when you will lose yourself to Me.

Extraordinarily Elegant

11 minutes 30 seconds / € 20,- | you are not to stand not to walk away not to crawl away, keep down on your knees and do as you are told to. I want you to become the most obedient version of yourself. you are going to follow commands and do as you are told to. you are simply aroused to the idea that you need to submit yourself to Me in order to get My attention and there is nothing to it, you are going to obey Me like no other! you long for My attention, you so badly want to be used and abused by Me. you just want to become My little puppet in exchange I might allow you to lick My shoes clean. My high heels can get you drooling, My voice is simply so commanding that its arousing. I want your tongue right on these souls, I want you to demonstrate your loyalty through acts you’d never normally thought you’ll do. But I know you, I know what you crave what you long for. All you wanna do is to serve Me, your weakness to these souls is so great that you cannot control it. I want your ultimate submission, giving up all your rights, you will not speak unless spoken to, lick it clean, obedient slave boy dripping of this view. I am going to get you even weaker, start stroking that cock for Me, pul on it, just lick these souls clean, that’s how obedient you can become only to be able and to be allowed to serve Me. I want your tongue right around here, wrap your mouth around My heels and suck on it, I control you now you belong to Me now, I own you I design you for My personal taste.

Lick My Shoe Clean

5 minutes 13 seconds / € 10,- | your place is from now on down there, on your knees! Underneath My feet. you are to worship these heels, polish them, adore them, suck on them, you understand Me? you are nothing but a slave and you will obey every single wish of Me! Worship and lick the heels of your Mistress, all the way down through the entire sole. Just obey! Keep cleaning, keep worshiping these heels, you know this is the only thing that can get you aroused, start obeying just like you meant to. Worship these legs, worship My heels, get that tongue nice and working, down on My heel and back again, gag on it suffocate for Me, the entire sole and then back again. Gag on it, I wanna hear you gagging! Work your way through the entire sole back to the heels! Clean them, lick them!


3 minutes 12 seconds / € 10,- | You, come crawl over here, now! Let Me explain to you what’s from you expected, if you want to survive in here. Make sure all those rules are going to be followed. You among with others will be sleeping in the basement and be ready at every morning before I wake up you’ll be cleaning My shoes, making Me breakfast. If you miss one time, you will be punished severely, among with the others, if you miss another time, I will make an example of you for the others and trust Me you do not want to miss another time.

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