Goon for Eternity

9 minutes 21 seconds / € 15,- | I want you powerless, I want you at your weakest! Stare at My pantyhose legs and goon for Me! My legs own you! Goon some more and if you don’t know what to do anymore, goon some more! Goon for eternity for Me!

My Legs Own You – Back Seamed Pantyhose Seduction

12 minutes 52 seconds / € 15,- | Shall I tell you a secret you havent heard before? The thing about addiction, is that you always tell yourself you know how to control… yet, you don’t wanna get out until it’s too late. There is nowhere to go, there is nowhere to be. My legs own you, My legs own your cock, you are aroused by me, you cannot perform anymore without me! You are addicted to this view, to my legs covered in back seamed pantyhose.

Explicit Humiliation JOI

11 minutes 9 seconds / € 15,- | Squirt like a little girls for me and thank me for I have given you this chance that you can squirt like a little girl that you are. You are such a beta that the only thing can make you drool is being rejected by me, being denied of any physical pleasures. All you can do is just rub that tiny pindick of yours into another meaningless orgasm. If you wanna cum you have to lick my soles clean.

Taste My Foot Get Intoxicated

8 minutes 7 seconds / € 15,- | I will make you the biggest and most filthiest foot addict. I know what you need and I know you are just going to obey. See this little bottle? It contains all that you need to become the biggest most pathetic fucked up slave boy. Take a sniff of this one, it will get you right down to your knees. I am going to make you the most pathetic wanker for these feet. All those wrinkles you are going to worship and lick them clean. You are going to go inch by inch and wank your pathetic cock onto My feet. You are going to lick them clean, all the dirt I want it gone. Wanking it to the sight of My foot. Don’t you leave a spot.

Serving Me

9 minutes 33 seconds / € 15,- | your addiction to porn is out of control, it requires immediate care. your wanking yourself day in and day out, it has a serious impact on your day to day life… I am talking about you! I am going to teach you how to behave. your addiction is a serious fact, you need to admit that! you will learn how to manage a day, two days, 5 days, 6 days, 7days, two weeks, a month, three months a year without that endless stroking. I will teach you that! I will teach you not wanting to touch your cock. you will be listening and obeying and you will become a servant to Me, you will be occupied with things on how to satisfy Me, My urges, My needs! In return I will learn you how to live your life without giving in to those urges, without wanking yourself to a complete stupidity. you will learn it on the hard way, you will please Me, satisfy Me, learn to take pleasure in completely another ways. you will await Me till I come home at the door, you will put My shoes out put them near, get on those fours and clean them with your tongue. you will then organise My closet, arrange My laundry run errands for Me, but most certainly you will keep My shoes clean. you will learn to control your urges, most importantly you will learn how not to be that pathetic weirdo. Soon enough the only thing will occupy your tiny mind is when your Goddess will return back home, so you could serve Me. I will teach you how to live life happily, orgasm free. I am not gonna allow you anymore to have your tiny mind clouded….

If Only

10 minutes 53 seconds / € 15,- | Get down to your knees, right now! There is no way you are leveling with Me! All you have got to do is to obey Me. I will break you and I will break your filthy habits. I will rule over you you simply have to obey and if you fail to do so I will punish you. Stay down on your knees and start begging Me, beg Me to control you, beg Me so you could serve Me. you will be broken into submission before you even realize that you have lost all of your rights. you will sooner then you think beg Me to use you, beg Me to take advantage of you. Sooner then you think the day will come when you will lose yourself to Me.

Extraordinarily Elegant

11 minutes 30 seconds / € 20,- | you are not to stand not to walk away not to crawl away, keep down on your knees and do as you are told to. I want you to become the most obedient version of yourself. you are going to follow commands and do as you are told to. you are simply aroused to the idea that you need to submit yourself to Me in order to get My attention and there is nothing to it, you are going to obey Me like no other! you long for My attention, you so badly want to be used and abused by Me. you just want to become My little puppet in exchange I might allow you to lick My shoes clean. My high heels can get you drooling, My voice is simply so commanding that its arousing. I want your tongue right on these souls, I want you to demonstrate your loyalty through acts you’d never normally thought you’ll do. But I know you, I know what you crave what you long for. All you wanna do is to serve Me, your weakness to these souls is so great that you cannot control it. I want your ultimate submission, giving up all your rights, you will not speak unless spoken to, lick it clean, obedient slave boy dripping of this view. I am going to get you even weaker, start stroking that cock for Me, pul on it, just lick these souls clean, that’s how obedient you can become only to be able and to be allowed to serve Me. I want your tongue right around here, wrap your mouth around My heels and suck on it, I control you now you belong to Me now, I own you I design you for My personal taste.

Conditioned & Drained

9 minutes 17 seconds / € 20,- | Serving Me is a privilege. I want to explain to you how this will go down. you will going to be locked away in chastity and I will keep the key. When your tiny mind is useful again you will work for Me, real hard. It takes everything to please me to keep Me satisfied. I will take away your method, dignity and pride, your ego I will control. I will use you for My own advantages. I want your company and everything with it, even your corner office. Everything will be Mine, all of your finances, property, your cars, summer houses even your PJ. I will destroy you I will break you, I will break your ego into a million pieces until there is nothing left of it. All of your assets below to Me now, so you can serve Me, all of this you have lost for your pathetic urges. I will give you reason to exist, you will become Mine, I will break you and shape you for My personal taste.

Catch It

3 minutes 56 seconds / € 10,- | Smoking hot. Perfect for the smoking fetishist.

The Office

12 minutes 59 seconds / € 20,- | Role Playing as in, I personally interview the candidate who has applied for the job at My firm. His resume checks out, but I honestly have different reasons to higher him, if he manage to pass the obedience test of course. So what happens next? I order him on his knees which he complies with without hesitation. From a Point Of View from under My desk (which is made out of glass) I order him further to suck on My heels and worship them, as well as My pantyhose feet, while another command, he has to tear his pants open, grab his cock by its shaft and wank it for Me right under My feet and heels. In the meantime I am finishing his application on the laptop and if he is a good boy and gives Me a great cum I will hit enter and he will get the job. Also in the end I inform him that on casual Fridays he will be expected to leave his clothes in the locker once he arrives to work, to be the office bitch and at everyone else’s mercy who works at this company. Wearing nude pantyhose, Louboutins and sexy satin blouse with a cleavage that will leave you drooling. Sensual and authoritative talk is the core element to this wonderful role play/ gentle humiliation video.

Stocking Feet Sniff

6 minutes 29 seconds / € 15,- | Did you really we were gonna get intimate? This is as good as it gets for you stuff your filthy face against My soles! Are you coming already? You may proceed to blow your load you pathetic, loser, beta bitch!

Joyful Soles

10 minutes 3 seconds / € 15,- | Staring at My perfect, pantyhose covered legs is enough to get you to your knees. Your arousal cannot lie, you have a boner on Me, only by staring at My legs and these perfect feet. You are going to pull on your cock and the whole time I want you to keep staring at these soles. Perfect JOI for the nylon weak and jerkaholic audience… there is so many man like you out there, just weak…

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