16 minutes 27 seconds / € 20,- | One thing you need to understand about My ruling, I have zero tolerance for misbehavior. It is obvious to Me that you are the weakest fuck of all, watching you so vulnerable down on your knees right in the second that you see Me, you are just so easy to manipulate and to condition all to My amusement. Is that in your system to not being able to fight back, not being able to fight those urges? I definitely intend to take full advantage of your weakness. How does that sound? Don’t answer that, I don’t want you to think thinking is not required. Stroke that cock because I want you to become stupid and even more vulnerable than you are right now. You are going to be stroking to this view.

Black Lacquer JOI CEI – Lured into CEI

17 minutes 21 seconds / € 20,- | you may slowly start to stroke your cock. You will stroke your cock while staring at My killer legs, covered in stockings. While you stroking your cock you’ll be dropping down to your knees and you’ll start worshipping My killer heels. Lick them, kiss them, stroke that cock. Anything I say anything you have to do for Me you will keep stroking that cock. Staying down on your knees kiss and lick My high heels. you will stroke so long until you become an obedient slave boy. Nice long up and down strokes. Stroke that cock. Worship My feet My high heels, in the meantime do not stop, you wil be conditioned by Me. Stroke it, stroke that cock, that boner belongs to Me. Slowly, I don’t care if you are on the edge, if you almost come, stroke to My voice, stroke to My command, to My killer legs. You are addicted to My looks, My stockings, and most certainly to these killer heels. Do not stop, you’ll be stroking for Me, you’ll be stroking for very long time. Stroke it! I don’t hear you begging Me, I think I just gonna want you to keep stroking. Beg Me so you can cum. Beg Me so I allow you to have that orgasm. Say Goddess, please Goddess, I am nothing without you Goddess, please let me have that cum Goddess, I am your property Goddess, let me cum for you Goddess! I am gonna count down for you and then you are gonna have to splatter that cum all over the floor, you just said you will do as I say you just said you are gonna be a good boy for Me, splatter that spunk all over the floor and I want you to eat it, you just said you will do anything for Me, so I’d suggest you hold up your end. Until the last drop, don’t you miss a spot!

The Office

12 minutes 59 seconds / € 20,- | Role Playing as in, I personally interview the candidate who has applied for the job at My firm. His resume checks out, but I honestly have different reasons to higher him, if he manage to pass the obedience test of course. So what happens next? I order him on his knees which he complies with without hesitation. From a Point Of View from under My desk (which is made out of glass) I order him further to suck on My heels and worship them, as well as My pantyhose feet, while another command, he has to tear his pants open, grab his cock by its shaft and wank it for Me right under My feet and heels. In the meantime I am finishing his application on the laptop and if he is a good boy and gives Me a great cum I will hit enter and he will get the job. Also in the end I inform him that on casual Fridays he will be expected to leave his clothes in the locker once he arrives to work, to be the office bitch and at everyone else’s mercy who works at this company. Wearing nude pantyhose, Louboutins and sexy satin blouse with a cleavage that will leave you drooling. Sensual and authoritative talk is the core element to this wonderful role play/ gentle humiliation video.

Lik Ze Schoon

10 minutes 9 seconds / € 15,- | Voetfetisjisten ga maar lekker knielen en gebruik je tong om Mn hakken te bewerken, Ik wil ze stralend schoon zien! Je kunt je niet beheersen, je tong zit tussen Mn tenen om ze schoon te likken, om al dat vuil af te likken. Mijn nylon voeten maken jou helemaal zwak tot je het niet meer aan kunt, Ik sluit af met JOI. Wat je ziet is, hoge hakken, nylon voeten, gerimpelde zolen, mooie tenen om ze te aanbidden terwijl de Point of View is vanaf de vloer, waar je hoort, onder Mijn voeten. Ik commandeer je om Mn hakken, zolen en tenen zoals het moet van een slaafje schoon te likken en te aanbidden. Vanaf het ongeveer de midden begin Ik te vertellen om je pik langzaam te beginnen te trekken, tot aan klaarkomen.

JOI in Neon

9 minutes 5 seconds / € 15,- | It is something you are most certainly not used to experiencing with Me. While I am teasing your already weak mind and making your cock harder than it’s ever been. You see me, shimmering like gold, wearing Wolfords Neon Gobi 40 pantyhose. My glorious bare tits mesmerizing you even more while I’m sensually dictating each and every touch of your cock. Your are shocked and your downfall is sealed when I deny you and leave you desperate to cum your brains out. This gentle humiliation is what you crave. Before you even realize it My voice will seduce you, you will lose yourself in my curves as your cock remains so hard for Me. The realization dawning on you once again that I own your erection.

Instruction to Intox

14 minutes 51 seconds / € 20,- | Mommy wants you numbed and stupid, do you think you can do that for Mommy? I want you to inhale and become weak for Me, I am going to make you My personal, little, pathetic, poppers slut. You are going to stay down on your knees, wrap your filthy mouth around My heels and suck it, suck on them for Mommy! You want to please your Mistress don’t you? Now be a good girl and take another sniff at the poppers, each nostrils do not forget that and, stay down on your knees, suck on My heels, lick My soles clean bitch!

Lick My Shoe Clean

5 minutes 13 seconds / € 10,- | your place is from now on down there, on your knees! Underneath My feet. you are to worship these heels, polish them, adore them, suck on them, you understand Me? you are nothing but a slave and you will obey every single wish of Me! Worship and lick the heels of your Mistress, all the way down through the entire sole. Just obey! Keep cleaning, keep worshiping these heels, you know this is the only thing that can get you aroused, start obeying just like you meant to. Worship these legs, worship My heels, get that tongue nice and working, down on My heel and back again, gag on it suffocate for Me, the entire sole and then back again. Gag on it, I wanna hear you gagging! Work your way through the entire sole back to the heels! Clean them, lick them!

Stroked Counseling JOI

19 minutes 51 seconds / € 20,- | Can you tell me what happened since the last time you came to see me? you’ve made such a great progress and then yet again you had a relapse-fantasy. I frequently get the feeling with you that you are just finding ways to come back even more often. I need to take a firm hand now, I want you to get down to your knees, you’ll be attending therapy-fantasy from now on in this position. What happened? Did you not practice enough? I told you you need to practice a lot, throughout the entire day every day. No do not try to crawl back to that seat, its not for you. People who come to see me and wanna get better may sit down but not you, otherwise you might wanna stick around forever. Down! Staying down where I told you to, and I want you to unload the stress of the day, you’ll be stroke for me now, but first strip all those clothes put them down on the chair, also your underwear. No questions asked, just do as you are told to…

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