Inhale My Smell

4 minutes 44 seconds / € 10,- | Take a deep breath and inhale Me smoking My cigarette! The burning sensation can get you so weak that you drop to your knees, whilst I am wearing nothing but a satin robe.


17 minutes 35 seconds / € 20,- | I am glad you made it back on time from your presentation, now I’d like you to get down to your knees and start pampering My feet and high heels! Stop pretending that you are some kind a big shot and do what you best do, sniff and lick My feet! Keep working on your fear of failure before you have to head back to the ballroom to give your next speech. I’ll help you with your issue just keep smelling My stinky pantyhose feet.

Dirty Soles in Satin

10 minutes 0 seconds / € 15,- | What a lovely day, all I want is to finish smoking My cigarette and sink into the tub which you will start filling but, before that I want you to get here and lick My dirty, worn down feet clean!

Cut the * and Start Stroking for Me

9 minutes 15 seconds / € 15,- | Let’s not do small talk, we both know why you are here, is to get off. So start stroking exactly when and how I want you to stroke that cock.

Cum for Me

19 minutes 51 seconds / € 20,- | Dedicated to one of My real life worshippers, Switch/ submissive toward Me at all times and, who became over the years great friend, I’ve put this little video together. Based on his fantasy, dress code and fetishes. Conditioned to stroke to My command whenever I’d snap My fingers and, he’d inhale poppers. Lots of skin and a slow build up. No dangling in the ground but a smooth and sensual teas just like Me and, gentle humiliation. With his consent I’ve uploaded this custom item.

Human Ashtray Fantasy

4 minutes 16 seconds / € 10,- | Become intoxicated by the smell of My cigarette and, keep your mouth wide open so I can use it as an ashtray.

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