You’ll be a Full Time Sissy – Orelse I’ll Expose you

15 minutes 1 seconds/ € 15,- | your problem starts literally in the bedroom… back in the time when I was dating you of course I didn’t know what embarrassment you were hiding in your pants.. or shall I say panties! Ever since we became friends, let me emphasize it to you it was when I have friend zoned you… that’s the kind of thing that you are getting hard on, I should have known that when at the restaurant on our first date I pulled my panties off and slipped it to you when the waiter wasn’t looking… I knew it right then and there you were never gonna make a good lover… and I know you have still kept my panties and I know you are sniffing at them when that tiny little clitty of yours wants to squirt orgasm! Yet you pretend to be some hot shot, well you are not! I bet no one knows that about you, what a panty sniffing loser you are…..

The Good Old Fashioned Way

19 minutes 25 seconds / € 20,-

Nothing to Worry About

21 minutes 30 seconds / € 20,-

I Want You On The Cover

17 minutes 36 seconds / € 20,- | I have the perfect job for you. Every year we are organizing an event to introduce our freshest products, which is this year a super stay lipstick in the shade of red. But before I take you with Me to take the stand in front of all those people I need to make sure your cocky is locked in this chastity to avoid a boner poking through your pants. you are not only have to tell everyone how this make up wears but also proof it that it stays where I say it stays. That means you are gonna have to get down on your knees and suck all guests after the presentation we have organized a swinger party. you are going to suck cocks for Me and this company. you are going to be on the cover and sky rocket this company because all those bitches will buy our products all those who dream about sucking cocks while you are granted the opportunity to do all that because you know I have the keys to that cock cage and I decide on whether or not letting it free…

Foot Addict Boyfriend

10 minutes 20 seconds / € 15,- | Since you’ve been staring at My feet all the time there is only one way to figure this out. Take out your cock and start stroking now. you bet I’ll be stuffing My foot in your face and trust Me, men can’t lie! If your cock becomes even harder while stroking it to the sight of My feet I was right and you are a pathetic, wanking freak. Don’t worry honey, I always knew there is something different about you, why you were so eager to buy Me all those high heels and stockings. Although I am quite upset since I will never sit on that cock ever again but hey, aren’t you just the perfect boyfriend to buy Me all those nice things and, I do love designer shoes and designer clothes so you bet, I’ll max out your credit card for this just stroke that cock to the sight of My foot you loser wimp!

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