If Only

10 minutes 53 seconds / € 15,- | Get down to your knees, right now! There is no way you are leveling with Me! All you have got to do is to obey Me. I will break you and I will break your filthy habits. I will rule over you you simply have to obey and if you fail to do so I will punish you. Stay down on your knees and start begging Me, beg Me to control you, beg Me so you could serve Me. you will be broken into submission before you even realize that you have lost all of your rights. you will sooner then you think beg Me to use you, beg Me to take advantage of you. Sooner then you think the day will come when you will lose yourself to Me.

Bend Over for Me

3 minutes 22 seconds / € 10,- | I am utterly disappointed with your behavior. Its good that you’ve came to see Me, I have zero tolerance for misbehavior. I believe My students must be punished every wee. you will therefor show up at the principals office, once a week. I will teach you obedience, I will teach you how to behave.

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