Justus – You Want It, Right?

7 minutes 49 seconds / € 10,- | Summery satin dress, bare legs, stiletto heels, cherry red lip with matching provocative nails… You want me to enjoy this quality cigar, don’t you?

Nicaraguan – Elegant Smoke #003

16 minutes 1 seconds / € 15,- | From the series of cigar smoking, get seduced by watching me enjoy a beautiful Nicaraguan cigar, wearing little black dress, pantyhose and stiletto heels.

The tone of this clip is rather sensual, seductive, mysterious and alluring. Come and enjoy the cigar with me… each to their own way.

Smoking Like the Boss

10 minutes 31 seconds / € 15,- | Smoking My Cuban cigar like the boss and in the utmost relaxation.

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