Twisted Job Description

8 minutes 15 seconds / € 15,-

The Good Old Fashioned Way

19 minutes 25 seconds / € 20,-

I Want You On The Cover

17 minutes 36 seconds / € 20,- | I have the perfect job for you. Every year we are organizing an event to introduce our freshest products, which is this year a super stay lipstick in the shade of red. But before I take you with Me to take the stand in front of all those people I need to make sure your cocky is locked in this chastity to avoid a boner poking through your pants. you are not only have to tell everyone how this make up wears but also proof it that it stays where I say it stays. That means you are gonna have to get down on your knees and suck all guests after the presentation we have organized a swinger party. you are going to suck cocks for Me and this company. you are going to be on the cover and sky rocket this company because all those bitches will buy our products all those who dream about sucking cocks while you are granted the opportunity to do all that because you know I have the keys to that cock cage and I decide on whether or not letting it free…


16 minutes 27 seconds / € 20,- | One thing you need to understand about My ruling, I have zero tolerance for misbehavior. It is obvious to Me that you are the weakest fuck of all, watching you so vulnerable down on your knees right in the second that you see Me, you are just so easy to manipulate and to condition all to My amusement. Is that in your system to not being able to fight back, not being able to fight those urges? I definitely intend to take full advantage of your weakness. How does that sound? Don’t answer that, I don’t want you to think thinking is not required. Stroke that cock because I want you to become stupid and even more vulnerable than you are right now. You are going to be stroking to this view.

The Office

12 minutes 59 seconds / € 20,- | Role Playing as in, I personally interview the candidate who has applied for the job at My firm. His resume checks out, but I honestly have different reasons to higher him, if he manage to pass the obedience test of course. So what happens next? I order him on his knees which he complies with without hesitation. From a Point Of View from under My desk (which is made out of glass) I order him further to suck on My heels and worship them, as well as My pantyhose feet, while another command, he has to tear his pants open, grab his cock by its shaft and wank it for Me right under My feet and heels. In the meantime I am finishing his application on the laptop and if he is a good boy and gives Me a great cum I will hit enter and he will get the job. Also in the end I inform him that on casual Fridays he will be expected to leave his clothes in the locker once he arrives to work, to be the office bitch and at everyone else’s mercy who works at this company. Wearing nude pantyhose, Louboutins and sexy satin blouse with a cleavage that will leave you drooling. Sensual and authoritative talk is the core element to this wonderful role play/ gentle humiliation video.

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