Explicit Humiliation JOI

11 minutes 9 seconds / € 15,- | Squirt like a little girls for me and thank me for I have given you this chance that you can squirt like a little girl that you are. You are such a beta that the only thing can make you drool is being rejected by me, being denied of any physical pleasures. All you can do is just rub that tiny pindick of yours into another meaningless orgasm. If you wanna cum you have to lick my soles clean.

Married to Chastity

8 minutes 4 seconds / € 15,- | Normally I’d say leave your wife but she’ll cost you even more when divorced so instead I’ll just lock you into chastity to deny you all those filthy wanking habits. Shove your tiny cocklet into a cage like this and waste away because I won’t let you be freed. And then I’ll tease you day in and day out with my curves, completely humiliated because your masculinity will belong to Me.

The JOI of a Goddess

8 minutes 53 seconds / € 15,- | Perfectly mastered jerk off instructions by a true seductress in pantyhose and stockings showing you My curves off to get you even weaker.

It Belongs to Me

6 minutes 57 seconds / € 15,- | Welcome in your new sex life! you are gonna pump your cock to Me gorgeous ass, you are gonna stroke until you become mindless, you will stroke all day and every day to My ass. you will forget everything else, only Me who you will stroke for, I am your reality. stroke that cock and blow your load for Me

Booty Worship

6 minutes 58 seconds / € 10,- | you are gonna have to stroke your pathetic cock to this glorious view, to the tightest booties of all. I am about to show you all you cannot have, stroke that cock to this view stroke it to My tight ass loser!

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