Boot Worship Part I.

11 minutes 41 seconds / € 15,- | In a very different setting, teaching obedience and self control to My slave. Wearing My thigh high black lacquer boots and black lacquer corset with a lace bra and tight leggings is, the perfect way to get the attention I want for this training. My goal is to teach a submissive what’s a proper way to great a Mistress and to keep position. Cum with Me on this journey which is built with a sensual character and spiced up with a mellow tone to suit the contrast of Power Exchange, Dominance and submission. Part II. should follow shortly.

Lacquer Smoke Xtended

6 minutes 14 seconds / € 15,- | Smoking in black lacquer and thigh high boots whilst tapping the ashes into your mouth, because it takes a lot to serve me, you do understand that. Come closer, closer to me! Dont be afraid it will burn just a little bit!

A Bitch for My Boots

7 minutes 16 seconds / € 15,- | You are such a slut for leather, up until a point that you cannot contain yourself anymore. I will change that I will use you and I will condition you to be my boot licking beta bitch. You are going to clean these boots for me and trust me you don’t wanna miss a spot do you. You will start on my soles slowly you will work your way up until the heel. I want all that dirt that stuck on my soles on your face. Slowly work your way up on y shaft and clean it you filthy slut. Start cleaning my boots you bitch! All the way the entire sole the inner corner down to my heel wrap your filthy mouth around my heel and gag on out I wanna see those tears running down your cheeks come on you bitch! Keep down on your knees and suck on my heel! Lick them clean polish them! That’s it deeper suck on it gag on it I don’t care if you are suffocating gag on my heels bitch! Polish them work your tongue on my boots, clean those soles clean them! Suck it bitch! I wanna hear you gag on it I wanna see those tears running down your cheeks. Deeper, deeper! Keep down on your knees crawl over here you slut suck on my heels. All the way stick your filthy tongue up against my boots and clean them! That’s it, suck it! Real good, suck on it bitch. All the way both of them one by one, come on slut! You are just so obedient and willing only for me, leather gets you to your knees! … be my filthy, pathetic beta loser for leather, suck it bitch! Every day you will be my boot licking boot worshipping beta bitch! Down to your throat. You are just a filthy slut for these boots aren’t you, your weakness is insatiable, I am going to teach you to behave, you are going to polish these babies every single day! ….

Boot Licking Beta Bitch

7 minutes 7 seconds / € 15,- | you like My boots don’t you? you salivating! I bet the only thing that comes in your mind is how, you could become My boot licking bitch. You are just so easy to read, I know everything about you. I want your filthy mouth wrapped around My heel and suck on it, suck on it bitch, get down to your knees, then I want your tongue right over here, lick it clean! I am going to use you for My personal shoe licking boot worshipping bitch.

Instruction to Intox

14 minutes 51 seconds / € 20,- | Mommy wants you numbed and stupid, do you think you can do that for Mommy? I want you to inhale and become weak for Me, I am going to make you My personal, little, pathetic, poppers slut. You are going to stay down on your knees, wrap your filthy mouth around My heels and suck it, suck on them for Mommy! You want to please your Mistress don’t you? Now be a good girl and take another sniff at the poppers, each nostrils do not forget that and, stay down on your knees, suck on My heels, lick My soles clean bitch!

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