Conditioned Footboy JOI

7 minutes 2 seconds / € 10,- | Sensual and soft yet demanding and humiliating. Conditioning you to stroke your cock but only while licking My soles clean! My way to proof you wrong and show you how pathetic you are and how low you can actually sink only for the sake of one orgasm! Bare skin/legs, 12cm stiletto heels and very dirty soles.

Smoking in Satin

5 minutes 48 seconds / € 10,- | Enjoying yourself? I bet you are, I bet you just love watching Me. Love watching My cigarette how its burning. Which one is it? Having a bit of trouble controlling yourself? Why am I not surprised. Why am I not surprised when it comes to you? Its like I know you. What a shame, the ashes of this cigarette goes literally to waste. How hard is your pants now on a scale from 1 to 10? is it hitting the ceiling already? I bet you dont know where to gaze in all that beauty. Is that My legs that turn you on or are those My nails? Or is it the way I look down on you whilst I smoke My cigarette, nicely and peacefully. Addictive isn’t it? Its seems like there really is a loser today and it really is you, because you see, you could have been such a great ashtray to Me if you were just here. But I have no problems with teasing the fuck out of your mind, its even better this way because you know why? you would just keep longing for Me.

The Crazy Therapist

15 minutes 31 seconds / € 15,- | Have you been attending therapy-fantasy for 15 years straight and didn’t make a progress? you don’t wanna say what was the core issue that you’ve been seeking therapy-fantasy that’s fine you know I’ll respect client-therapist-fantasy privilege but then tell Me just one last thing before you come to your first session to Me tomorrow, what is it about My feet that you just can’t keep taking your eyes off. It didn’t take Me 15 years did it now to get to the bottom of this, you couldn’t stop staring at My feet from the very first second on you have entered My practice.

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