Skype ID

  • you will receive upon payment completion
  • payment by PayPal óf Betaalverzoek


More Rules

Prior to Booking & During Session

  • book your spot within 24-48hrs in advance
  • I do not charge deposit, I charge full price by booking
  • you understand the risks
  • you are humble and will present to Me your best behavior
  • you are a full grown loser
  • you don’t pretend to be stupid but you truly are
  • you absolutely adore Me

Public Visiting Hours

NONE, accept for CashMeet

  • North of The Netherlands
  • minimum fee € 300,- after a thorough screening to see if you are worth My while
  • for an additional € 150,- on the scene I’ll take off My panties and stuff it into your mouth b!tch
  • don’t be silly, upon approval on My end, you are to pay a deposit (none deductible) by PayPal óf Betaalverzoek, otherwise there is no date