Online 101

In het Engels maar ook in het Nederlands.

Kneel, because you are Not leveling with Me!

I don’t waste My time often but certain things just require more of My attention. you have the privilege to get yourself a 1-on-1 training where I make the rules and you simply obey.

you find My FemDom content arousing and your weak mind longs for more intimacy with Me.

Sign up to be dominated, used and played with by Me. Sign up to become even weaker.

My “Online 101 Training” is specifically for the newbie and for those who’s got stuck behind the screen, because you are just not man enough to get what you crave.

Do you often have the feeling that you are the shyest, stupidest and most silly male creature when it cums to dating women? I bet that part needs a firm hand to “help you” develop.


FemmeDomme Rules;

  • you must be certain that you are ready to make the first step in training
  • you must not lack the basics of communication skills
  • you must obviously be an adult/male
  • you need to find the following topics arousing; #JerkOffInstructions #CumEatingInstructions #Sissification #TaskAssignment #DildoPlay #PuppyPlay #ChastityPlay #Smoking #HumanAshtray #RolePlay #FinancialDomination #Humiliation
  • occasionally/ based on fetish you might have to purchase certain worn items of Mine

your first task is to get to know My preferences by visiting My socials & purchasing My clips

What will it cost you?

Everything you own, everything of yours you will sign over to Me!

  • short training chat/ 45 min; € 55,-
  • short training call/ 30 min; € 85,-
  • short training cam/ 30 min; € 125,-
  • long training chat/ 1 week; € 100,-
  • long training chat & cam/ 1 week; € 150,-
  • All payments can be fulfilled either by PayPal, PaySafecard or Payment Request/Betaalverzoek. All training can go in English & Dutch.
  • Maak je geen zorgen, Ik spreek uitstekend Nederlands!