My AVN.Stars

What is My AVN?

When you subscribe to My AVN.Stars you’ll have full access to all of My clips, which you can also purchase from Me through this website or My beloved iWantClips Store and very soon AVN, which is the perfect way for those who not yet dare to commit to Me fully, rather purchasing clips individually. AVN not only streams My clips but allows SexTing which is for pets who feel the need to stay in touch closely with Me, taking on orders and complete tasks for Me. Also AVN provides the worshippers with rewards, like photo’s and such. To launch this newest dungeon and porn home movie theater of Mine I am giving away free access for an entire month for the 5 luckiest on My official Twitter Page.

That doesn’t mean you won’t get another reward when you stay loyal to Me and keep subscribing to My AVN list of pets.


From now on AVN will stream most of My content which you can also purchase individually from My website, My iWantClips Store and as well from AVN Clips Store. Perfect for those who not yet dare to commit to Me, rather purchasing clips individually.

AVN also makes it available to stay close at My beautiful feet, under My control and most certainly to My servitude as a loyal and true worshipper, by communicating through the platform & privately messaging to Me.

Take your rewards in the form of Customized Vids & Photo’s of Mine when time has proven your submission and devotion to Me.

Never the less, allow Me to take full advantage of your addiction & take over control by signing up to a worlds class in My online dungeon, complete the tasks I have for you & let Me play with you.

All within AVN’s reach.


How to use AVN

To be able to stream content it works the same way as it worked at OnlyFans or JustForFans, create first your own account. You will be asked to fill in the least amount of information for several legal reasons, they are never handed over to third parties nor made public. After you managed to register as a member, fan or customer whatever the term AVN is using, you can start subscribing to Me and drop everything else because you won’t need a thing from now on. Posts are scheduled for every evening at 20:30, which means literally everyday something new to see. Communicate through direct & private message with Me, sign up for training and 1 on 1 domination & purchase My worn Exclusive Items through AVN. It is a lot to discover there.

Will see you soon,


Important to know:

I am closing My OnlyFans and JustForFans accounts, at least for the foreseeable future. Which goes without saying, those of you who were members on any of these platforms in the past few months, drop Me an e-mail, mention your usernames either on OnlyFans or JustForFans so I could provide you with a proper greeting at AVN, to thank you for your loyalty and understanding I will reward you with free access for a limited period of time.

My newest and hottest platform for movie streaming, when Netflix gets boring.


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