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The HotWife ~ Video Store in Adult Entertainment 𝟣𝟖⁺

About Me

I guess I was always the kind of girl who appreciated her freedom, by occupying Myself with things I was truly interested in, to live a life style where I only had to answer to Me. I am a genuine lover of heels and everything else that makes a woman stand out of the crowd. My perfectionism and eye for detail makes Me more skilled every single day. Not afraid of challenge, always wanting more, from Myself and more from those who fall under My spell. I was dominating men in the commercial scene for over a decade. I came now to collect as you will be My pet, My worshipper, My gooner, My cuck husband. I am waking up each and every morning with new ideas, new energy and courage to go for what I want. And I want it all.

My curves speak for themselves, the way I carry Myself will leave you speechless. You will find My work and can have a glimpse on My daily routine when joining My pages, some subscription based others for free.

My personal Video Store is made available for PayPal and ‘Betaalverzoek’ purchases. Since I am the one in charge after request has been submitted for a video you’ll be provided with a payment link. Delay may occur due to different time zones, make sure you are aware of that. However you can expect to download your media anywhere between ‘right away and 24 hours’.

If you want to get ahead of yourself and know exactly what you want, you can customize your video here.


(In the meantime, check out this small portfolio of My latest shoots and some of the messages from clients and pets who went before you.)