How to Purchase Vids?

Send Me the title of the clip you’d like to receive in your inbox and name the payment method of your choice.

Available and Acceptable Payment Methods:

PayPal ( Business Account )

Payments made using PayPal are a great choice if you are in the Netherlands or abroad, yet you want a “mediator” to handle the transaction. That’s what PayPal is for. You’ll receive a business link from Me.

Payment Request ( Business Account )

If you’d like to go by Payment Request which is in Dutch called, Betaalverzoek, you do need to possess a Dutch bank account. A Payment Request usually doesn’t catch the attention of a spouse or an employer/coworker. You’ll receive a business Payment Request from Me.

PaySafecard ( Anonymous )

PaySafe is definitely for those who truly want to stay anonymous. Works just like pre-paid, you’ll purchase your code which consists of 16-digits and you’ll eventually fulfill payment by sending these codes to Me. Contact Me if you wish to fulfill payment by PaySafecard.

Important: PaySafe codes must be purchased in the Netherlands either online or in physical stores.


PS ~ If you however, would prefer to purchase My clips through My official clips store at iWantClips you can do so by simply surfing to My iWantClips by tapping the button below:

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