Power Exchange

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“Sexually explicit, seductive mindfuckin’ is just the beginning.”

Domina Wira

Understand what BDSM truly is;

There is no difference between slavery and submission. Once consent is given trust in the Dominant’s guidance is essential.  True ecstasy is found in the freedom of losing control, not in toping from the bottom.

There is One submission, there is One FemDom, and there is only One Power Exchange,



There is no quibbling. To understand the essence of D/s is to experience it in the very core of your being. To comprehend this is to understand the beating heart of the dynamic.To quibble is to deny the inevitable. To deny the inevitability of the Domme’s rule of you is to deny your existence. There is only one thing, around which everything else revolves, and on what everything else depends.


If you are a worshipper, adorer, pet, slave or sub it doesn’t matter which you choose. You must take your place at the bottom, below the one on top.

It is She!

When you mention your limits or personal preferences you are sharing yourself and opening up to the possibility of the dance. She may take your wishes into consideration or not, it is up to Her. It can be an integral part of the journey as trust is earned. It can also be turned into a weakness and used to drive you into further servitude. Either way it can enhance the power exchange a great deal.In Power Exchange and Domination each must work in concert with the other. One ebbs as the other flows. To learn and understand that takes time, experience and patience. Even the pushing of your limits, those “Do’s and Don’ts” of yours can be used  to orchestrate divine tension, boil the blood and turn your brain against you.I am not a math problem to be solved. I chart my own path. I am in control always and do not follow pedestrian rules of “Do’s and Don’ts.” For you to blossom you must surrender and you cannot surrender by orchestrating, directing and dictating your session from the bottom.

Silly, silly sub.

You know what BDSM stand for do you not?




Do you think this only happens in the dungeon? When you are kneeling on the floor or are tied up during those precious hours that you can spare? The practice itself doesn’t stop at the door of the dungeon. When you have left the scene, gotten dressed and headed on your way it is still with you. Let’s not kid ourselves, you know it is with you everywhere and in everything you do. Thinking about it, expecting it and longing for it. Anxiously waiting for those next few rare hours.Why do the physical and mental dance so well together? I mentioned it right from the start. It’s a simple answer or at least it should be.

Do you profess to know it?

Submitting yourself to a greater power.

Surrendering to the divine by giving yourself over consciously and willingly.

Instinctively control seduces you into losing any right you thought you’d still be capable of exercising.

Once subspace is achieved would you be able to explain your “Do’s and Don’ts?” Would you even want to?

Safety is of upmost importance but the pushing, stretching and overcoming of limits is the prerogative of the Dominant. 

They say mutual trust is the foundation of BDSM;

To learn to trust someone is to learn to trust yourself.

You must learn to trust that you are submitting to Her, the one who knows what’s best in the scene, what’s best in the mind and what’s best for you. If you think this is about pleasing you then you are an even sillier sub than I thought. Such a silly boy.The one and only reason you have submitted yourself to a Power Exchange relationship is to serve. This one way street is about being Hers to do with as She pleases. To be used by Her, to be a tool wielded by Her, to be of service to Her pleasure is the reason for your existence.Whether you are a naughty boy who needs that caning because he was misbehaving or the disgrace of being a compulsive wanker.

You need that discipline that only She in Her glory can provide.  

It is your greatest desire to bend over for Her, subjugate yourself to Her, and drop to your knees in reverence of Her. She can degrade you, humiliate you and purify you through Her control. By your naked vulnerability. In being so open, pliable and trusting for Her, you will experience the greatest growth and ecstasy that few others will ever experience.

That experience will not only turn you into who you truly are.

It will also drive you deeper down and into enslavement to Her.

The one who was born to be over you.


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