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a) Age Limited and Responsibility

b) Artists and their Safety

c) Piracy and Theft

a) This website contains/ may contain sexually explicit material/ content which can be prohibited to visit/ view in certain areas/ countries and under a certain age. The responsibility lays fully by the visitor therefor MrsW.Enterprises can not be held accountable for any of the damages that might occur both, physically or even mentally of which the origin can be/ can not be traced back to being caused due to the content of this website. Visitors must be certain that they are complying with the above mentioned and are not violating local and/ or international hard-law. This website meets legal requirements as to respecting local and international standards of the European Union and outside of the European Union on preventing abuse and racism and to protect minors. This website uses a front home page where all/ new and recurring visitors are being provided with a Content Warning Banner and gives them by each (re-)visitation the chance to choose either to leave the website or to stay. The website directs visitors, – those they choose to leave the page, through an ‘Exit Page’ required by Law back to the Search Engine.

b) all participants in videos are consensual and of legal age

c) stealing and reproducing content without the written consent of the rightful Owner is punishable under the Court of Law. Please make sure that you are respecting local and international Law. If you have purchased a media you did so for your own amusement, you did not buy Ownership. Piracy is real, be kind to one another to avoid legal stuff.