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How often do you have the chance to get an insight on the life of the Domina?

I will guide you to share with you some of the best moments that I have acquired by living in the heart of the North, in The Netherlands…

My absolute favorite type of self care and relaxation is when I am treating Myself to a glass of wine whilst enjoying the weather and crowd from a terrace.


It was not too long ago.. just on My way home, walking on the half empty streets as stores were just closed for the day… everyone was hustling to get by and to get home… food chains were enjoying their peak hours as those with an early start were just catching up… it was just too beautiful outside to end it. Against all odds the weather was impeccable, almost warm and that for the tenth month… then at a familiar corner I just taught to Myself, why not… so I pulled out a chair at a table near the sidewalk, where if you looked inside you could see people were still seated, making small talk with the friendly staff… I just wanted to make the most of it that evening, when everything seemed so calm… the soft breeze gently caressing My hosed legs, the lights of lanterns reflecting the shine of My nylons… each sip of that wine felt like fuel to My soul… it turned out to be a great finishing of the day after all…

~ October 2022 Groningen, The Netherlands

Weekend in the beloved #Belgium

Bubbles in hop… you wouldn’t believe but especially for women. Having been pampered in an ancient way makes My skin smooth again.

SPA à Bruxelles

booked a few weeks in advance, for a relaxing afternoon in one of the greatest cities of Europe, in the heart of Brussels. #Belgium

day 2.

a rejuvenating SPA treatment in the ♡ of Brussels.

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