My Fantasy

Take on different perspectives to understand that what you see and to accept it.

I. ~ Cigar Smoking Fetish

‘Since your cigar videos all hit the spot and are totally flawless an idea for you would be to do one along the lines of another casual smoke and do a step by step instruction on how to smoke a cigar, filmed up close you could take the viewer though the different steps from cutting to lighting to different etiquette i forming them that since they like to watch you smoke you feel that they should appreciate the whole ritual, maybe add some leather gloves.’

II. ~ Long Nail Fetish/ Cuckolding Fetish/ Humiliation

‘Pink is nice. Darker colors are always a favorite. Burgundy, dark reds, or black. Maybe asking if I like your long nails, mention perhaps that all your friends husband’s like your long nails. Maybe ask if I would like you to tease my tiny pens with your nails. Your are amazingly elegant, so no swearing. ;) just teasing and perhaps talk that you need to be careful not to chip your nails.’

III. ~ Mindfuck/ Office Fantasy/ Blackmail Fantasy/ Humiliation

‘The story is that you re a high powered divorce lawyer who only represents women, in front of you is a man who is there to negotiate with you on his divorce from his wife who you represent. After you listen to his list of demands you tell thank him, then tell him that this is the new list of demands that you want for your client and its not open to any sort of negotiation, you know stuff about him, how he likes to dress up in silk underwear and wear stockings under his trousers and you have receipts from where he brought lip stick and make up ,and you’ve prove that he downloads videos about women with big breasts, and you’ve noticed how hes been starting at yours,  and if he signs the divorce papers with your list of demands you might even let him see your bra  and you will film him if he wants to jerk off. For this maybe a suit with a shirt and tie or just a white shirt and tie.’

IV. ~ Worship/ Seduction/ Financial Domination Fantasy

‘Hi boy. I know you are totally in love with the nylons that I am wearing.
Look how sexy they are. I just got them. They are so nice and soft. And they fit so tight! I know you would love to put your hand on my legs. Feeling the soft hose. You clearly have such a have an insane pantyhosefetish! You just adore how my legs look in pantyhose. And you don’t have a choice. There is no escape for you. Im going to force you to jerk off to them. And there is not a thing you can do about it. You are just going to jerk so hard! And don’t try to deny that your cock is not already rockhard! Dying to be stroked. So just stroke it, while you look at how perfect my pantyhose look. Watch how my hand slides slowly over my legs … over my hose. I have been wearing these all day at work and it so good to feel them on my legs. Rubbing my hands all over them. Feels so good! I know you are rubbing as well. How does that feel? Good as well? Keep doing it! Rub for me. Rub for my legs and pantyhose! You know you want it so bad. You can’t stop wanking when you see me. When you see my legs. You have to wank! I so love your fetish! And I love to tease you with it. Come jerk off while you stare at my pantyhose. Go faster for me and show me how much you appreciate that you can look at me. I know you are dying to see my beautiful ass in the hosiery! Shall I turn around for you and lift my skirt a bit? Hmmm I think your greedy eyes and hard moans tell it all! Come on then. Take a look at my sweet little ass in the silky soft hosiery. So close to your eyes, but unable to touch it. Ofcourse you are unable to touch it! You need your hands to jerk and wank your hard excited dick! Hmmmm, but I can touch my soft little ass, while you are staring. Watch my hands slide over my buttocks. So slow, so sexy! Hmmm how does it smell there? Having worn the pantyhose all day long. How do my feet smell having been in pantyhose and heels all day in the office?Imagine the smell in your little pervy brain while you wank harder and harder. Imagine bowing over my pretty feet. My pretty feet in pantyhose. Imagine sniffing so hard. Sniffing my feet. Sniffing my pantyhose. Sniff harder and jerk harder!! You have to obey me, or I will take my nylons away from you! Smell my feet. Sniff my sweet aroma deep into your nose. The smell is making you so horny! I know you will come any minute now. Jerk harder for me! I want you to finish quick now! I have other things to do today! My pantyhosepower over you is so sexy! I love it! Come on. Keep jerking harder! I want your load all over my nylons! All over my sexy legs. I know you want this! I know you want to cum all over my legs. I know you want to shoot your sperm on my pantyhose and watch my hands massage your sperm deep into them. Hmmmm I was sure that image would make you finish and lose your load. Good pantyhoseslutty! I would love if you would buy me some new pantyhose. Because these are finished. Be a good boy now!’

V. ~ Virgin Humiliation/ Beta Loser

‘Honey, you know I only going to date you when you are going to wear a chastity cage! I only date beta boys who are locked up! What’s the matter we are going to have a great evening. We are going for some nice cocktails and great sea food and then you and I are going to dance in this great night club. I wil be wearing a very sexy dress with some pretty high heels. You like high heels don’t you beta boy? If you are good you maybe can bring me home and you know what that means don’t you? A few weeks have gone by and you take you’re new role and training so good. You don’t even but you a fight anymore. I have replaced al your boxers for panties and you’re cages up clip fits so perfectly in them. We started high heel training and I even caught you admiring yourself in the mirror. You even seem to enjoyed yourself in your maid outfit, you looked so cute baking cupcakes the other day. Soon we will start with your make up lessons. I don’t really see you as sex partner anymore. I know we did some little things in the beginning but you really can’t satisfy a women like me. I know you came in the bedroom thinking I was rewarding you with sex for being such a good girl. Just because I’m on the bed doesn’t mean we are going to have sex. I don’t see you as a men anymore. I think it is time to change your name to Kimberly. I know you a really in love with me and I will control your live with the key around my neck. This key is hanging between my beautiful big breasts who only can be touched by real men. With this key I can decide you’re future Kimberly. If you’re are a good girl we can have a great future together. You will help me getting showered each day or sitting naked beside me when I am taking a bath. In the weekends you can help me take care of my dates. You will buy me lingerie helping me getting dressed and massage my feet. When I’am on date you wil be practising you’re anal skills with the fucking machine because from now on I’am going to fuck you every Sunday night with my big black beautiful strapon and I want to hear you scream like a real girl! It will be a double sized strap-on so the harder and deeper I fuck you the more intense my orgasm will be and you will be wearing a face dildo on a regular basis from time to time. If you are a real good girl you will sometimes get a change to cum but if you cum you will eat it! It think it is good for you to learn to eat cum because nobody knows what the future will be for you. Do you think you are going to enjoy you’re new sex life Kimberly? I know I will enjoy it! Listen carefully Kimberly I own you and you’re little clitty with this key and if you run away I will haunt you and I will  find you and then you future is in the red light district of Amsterdam making money for me as my sexy girl Kimberly sucking real dick.’

VI. ~ Virgin Humiliation/ Beta Loser

‘I make no attempt to hide the fact that I love virgins. You’re so easy to prey upon and seduce. You’re just this fun little toy that is so easy to play and fuck with. But I’m in the minority; most women are really put off bij virgins. When women find you are still a virgin, it’s and automatic red flag, even if you don’t have any red flags yourself. Most women will guess you have a small dick. The fact that you haven’t got laid yet, kinda ensures you never will at you’re age. These are you just the facts sweetheart. I bet I can feel you make better about them as you stroke your virgin cock to my big tits and sweet pussy you know nothing about. One thing I realised is the fact that virgins never do hip trust. You’re just there, rubbing your hand over your lonely cock. You’re not pounding, not grinding, not penetrating something. Did you even know something about sex positions? I bet you love to know what my favorite sex positions is? So I figured out that we would give you some practice today, so in case you ever get laid. But I make it a little mean and a little cruel and a little humiliating. That’s okay right? Because virgins will take whatever they can to learn more about sex.’

VII. ~ Virgin Humiliation/ Beta Loser

‘This fleshlight is just so sad. It’s small, for starters, at least as small as your dicklet. And the sounds it makes! Oh my goodness, it’s just hilariously pitiful. You think this is a stand in for a real pussy? I mean, I suppose it’s the closest that you’ll ever get, but still. Really. This is just…wow. You’ve given me no shortage of material to humiliate you with, bitch boy I have no intention of ever fucking you. You love stroking the the fact that you are forever denied. No one will ever fuck you. You stroke knowing that I’m going to have big fat cock inside of Me. You’ll never know what pussy feels like. You don’t deserve to know what pussy feels like. You revel in the denial and jealousy of being a cuckold, little dick virgin. Nobody wants you and you love stroking to that. All I want from you is your weak and submissive mind. You were born a beta male which means you were made to be a slave. A cuckold slave. A virgin forever. No sex. No pussy. No orgasm.’

VIII. ~ Virgin Humiliation/ Beta Loser

‘Does everyone know you’re still a virgin, at your age? Do you want them to find out? You’d better do what I say, or else everyone will know not only that you’re a virgin, but they’ll know about all the humiliating things you’re going to do for me! Kiss my boots, virgin. Oooh, this is the closest you’ve ever come to pussy, isn’t it? Looking up my skirt, with my heel in your mouth? I don’t just want to physically humiliate you – I want to psychologically damage you. Get deep into your internal demons and play with them. You knew I was The Mean Bitch, but you had no idea how far I’ll go to break your spirit. After I’m through with you, you’ll be a virgin forever – because you’re terrified of pussy now.’

IX. ~ Ball Busting/ Humiliation

‘Sitting on a chair talking on phone to a friend, telling about last week how I almost was robbed by this stranger; Hey darling how are you, so listen you have got to hear this what just happened to me last week well you know, let me start from the beginning. So I was walking towards my car when in a sudden this thug leapt out from some bushes!.. well I don’t know didn’t really pay attention, honestly I didn’t see this coming! So there he was in front of me had a razor or something in his hand pointed at me while ordering me to hand over my purse, yeah can you believe that? Right! Huh, what you say honey? Well he was very thin like really extremely thin but you know what darling, he had such a cute face! Yeah! He must have been like 18 or 19 tops. So let me tell you what happened next, at that point I wasn’t hesitating at all so I just kicked him in right in his balls and was I shocked to discover that the guy was hung like a moose! So wait! I am gonna put you on cam so I can show it to you. Can you see me good darling? Alright, so I felt his big balls squish on my foot it was the most satisfying sensation! There is just I don’t know, such a huge difference between the nice firm balls of a young male opposite to those saggy nuts of older guys… yeah such a big difference. I am telling you! There is so much more to it, such a wonderful feeling it is to actually squish them. right? Like there is no way, he didn’t even stand a chance! Well I could see on his face he was twisting in pain but I wasn’t gonna give him a second to recover so I just went right there and kicked him in the balls again! The second time that I have kicked him in the balls using the pointed toe of my stiletto, I kicked him so hard I felt one of his balls crunch and break apart on the pointed to of my shoe. Well medics told me later that I have nailed his big left nut that it literally exploded. This young male at this point in heap on agony at my feet, it was a glorious victory darling, yes it was! Seeing him being crushed over and over under my heels baby, it was such a turn on so I couldn’t help myself but getting onto him, standing square on his chest he even tried to flex his abs to resist me, but I was cruel darling really cruel as I have leaned backwards, pushing all of my weight onto the back of my shoes, laying my full weight onto the stiletto heels until police arrived at the scene you know. So this young man was trying so hard to resist me but evidently it was a lost case to begin with there was no way he’d stand a chance no way he was just no match those big firm balls were just no match to my pretty feet! I don’t know darling, apparently I have ruptured an organ or two with my high heels whilst pushing all of my weight into his chest and through his skin. Well anyway he was getting a long sentence I can assure you that, yeah I just got off the phone with the department his hearing was this morning. I guess the most satisfying of all it was that first kick in his balls whilst he was still so sure of hisself and tried to do me harm you know, but then just one kick in those large firm and fresh oh so fresh testicles and it was all over. I knew it right then and there. ‘

X. ~ Virgin Humiliation/ Beta Loser

‘Remember the school days and how popular you thought that you were because literally you were the only boy back then to have girls around you… well it took a turn for you after graduation didn’t it, but not into the right direction I guess. You felt so comfortable with having female friends that you didn’t even realize until it was too late that you haven’t actually experienced dating at all. You thought it was fun being surrounded by cheerleaders and now you are here groveling at my feet because you wouldn’t dare to ask me out on a date. You have suppressed all of your masculinity until a point that it just didn’t evolve throughout the early years of your now pathetic life. I even doubt that you lost your virginity I am rather positive that you are still a virgin. You have traded your sex life for some loser shit staying on your knees being ordered to lick pretty women’s feet because you have been just far too long friend zoned. Silly you! Did you think life outside the classroom would have mercy on you and would have shower you with hotter and hotter women? Did you really believe you wo the genetic lottery? I won the genetic lottery loser! You are just some sad simp at my feet hoping and wishing to at least earn an orgasm. No matter how much humiliation you have to endure. After all it started for you already back in school. those girls you remember? Who’s school bags you had to carry from classroom to classroom, they smiled at you because they knew you wouldn’t say no. You were such a softy back then it hadn’t changed not even a bit. They were just using you! And you are still being used and the fun fact of all in order to survive you have adopted to this sick mind game which you’ve been exposed to over and over so that it became your natural field, your happy place and the only one in fact you know! So nowadays you just jerk yourself to whatever it comes your way, the more degrading the more humiliating it is the harder you get. Stroking your cock so thoroughly just tells me how experienced you are, you have practiced loner sex until perfection! At least you can say that you have mastered one thing in your life. Sad! Stroking and getting aroused by the throbbing sensation just feels too familiar to you, you’ve done that a lot havent you loser? Silly and pathetic desperate for attention even if that’s negative, as long as someone like me talks to you, no matter the tone, if I just look at you, even with disgust in my eyes you get hard, it’s the only game you know and played before. Hearing the truth about your pathetic beta loser life from a woman like me is rather uplifting than surprising right? At least you can be your true self in front of me right? Even if that means kneeling at my feet and jerking your prick helplessly. What are you waiting for loser bitch? Show me your desperation, show me that cum you’ve saved up for me, right cum for me now!’

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