Shape each and every detail

Customize your Video

Exclusive Content should be Customized explicitly and carefully. you want your Custom Order to match your ideas and fulfill your wants and needs.

Custom Orders are very specific and therefor unique. Because all ideas differ from one another, because a Custom Order is strictly made for you and because it takes energy, effort and a very limited time for Me to make it happen, these are all exclusivities that will affect the costs of each Custom Order. Before knowing what your preferences are I can not give you a heads up.

After sending your request/wish to Me, I will get back to you to clarify a few things/including charges. We will then agree on an acceptable deadline until which the Custom Order must be done.


Tips on how to Customize your Video with Me;

Simply do a quick research to see My preferences on clothes and topics, you can do so by visiting My socials, below this text I have provided you with the links to make things easy. your fetish on the other hand should be directed to Me through e-mail at

and described as best possible to the last detail. I will give My honest opinion, there are no bad ideas, there are only ideas, triggers that I sympathize with the most or those that I am not necessarily familiar with, therefor I wouldn’t accept to put them on cam as to I want to deliver pure satisfaction.

If you have a questions, ask Me!