Degraded Smoke (Xtended High Heel Worship)

9 minutes 38 seconds/ € 15,- | This is an extended version of the video with the same title in 4K. This extended version is in high resolution but not in 4K and is therefor a spiced up version with high heel worshipping of an extra, lovely, almost 3 minutes. Download this clip to please…

Degraded Smoke 4K

7 minutes 45 seconds/ € 15,- | Be a goodboy for step-mommy in 4K and keep your mouth wide open! Feels good right honey? There is nothing you would rather do then just be at step-mommy’s feet. Its time to serve me bae, open wide, open it up for step-mommy! PoV/ FemDom/ Humiliation/ Human Ashtray…

Kenny, Take a Drag

11 minutes 40 seconds / € 10,- | Come on be a good boy for Step-Mommy, you know you want it, you are so addicted to watching Step-Mommy smoke her cigarette, take a drag Kenny! You know its perfectly fine to wanna get a relief after watching Step-Mommy smoke. I’ll let you finish what you’ve…

Step-Mommy Smokes

4 minutes 24 seconds / € 10,- | Keep your mouth right where I want it…. take a drag you know you want it. Sensual, seductive, demanding, classy and wicked. Nylons and lace with lots of smoke.

Step-Mommy & Her Little Boy

3 minutes 32 seconds / € 10,- | Care for a smoke? I do feel like smoking. Come on, I won’t tell a single soul, have a drag sweetheart.