Justus – You Want It, Right?

7 minutes 49 seconds / € 10,- | Summery satin dress, bare legs, stiletto heels, cherry red lip with matching provocative nails… You want me to enjoy this quality cigar, don’t you?

My Legs Own You – Back Seamed Pantyhose Seduction

12 minutes 52 seconds / € 15,- | Shall I tell you a secret you havent heard before? The thing about addiction, is that you always tell yourself you know how to control… yet, you don’t wanna get out until it’s too late. There is nowhere to go, there is nowhere to be. My legs own you, My legs own your cock, you are aroused by me, you cannot perform anymore without me! You are addicted to this view, to my legs covered in back seamed pantyhose.

Smoke Mommy’s B!tch Boy (Single Edit)

6 minutes 1 seconds/ € 10,- | Now if we are going to play I’d suggest we play it right! Isn’t that what turns you on? If Mommy wants to play then you just wanna do it right. Whoever said you are an alpha was badly mistaking your skills of being Mommy’s good little obedient bitch! ….

What’s it Gonna be Microd!ck?

10 minutes / € 15,- | Hello wanker, so what’s it gonna be pencil dick? Sure I am not going to waste My time on a pathetic loser, guys with microdicks don’t deserve My attention. I tell you what’s it gonna be, only on My terms will you get off! I will lure you further in to degradation, by demanding you to worship My stinky sweaty feet …

Seductive Satins

11 minutes 14 seconds / € 15,- | Get completely mesmerized by all that satin on Me and around Me whilst I seduce you into JOI. Tease and Denial is the core of this exquisite and explicit FemDom clip.

In Therapie

12 minuten 4 seconden / € 20,-

Weak for a Fantasy

9 minutes 3 seconds

Tiny Little Creature

7 minutes 34 seconds / € 15,-

The Dirt I Walk On

8 minutes 4 seconds / € 15,- | you deserve non of this, you know you could never attain Me, the only thing you can do is to stroke your cock onto My perfectly wrinkled soles, you can kiss the dirt I walk on! Sensual, Elegant, Classy yet Demanding and Degrading.

Smoked Black Satin

3 minutes 30 seconds / € 10,- | Enjoy the view while I am smoking My cigarette in black satin.

Ride it Bitch

14 minutes 12 seconds / € 20,- | you seem to Me so extremely obedient already… I am going to explain to you how you are gonna XXX yourself with the biggest dildo that you can find in your drawer and, stop pretending we both know that you are hiding stuff. Until I am smoking you need to make sure that you have all the space you need for this instructional video, do you understand Me? Also I need you to fetch the biggest most cruelest dildo that you can find. I am gonna need you butt naked for this one. That hole is going to be stretched open. Do all the thing you need to do to make this work.

Pay Me You Pig

13 minutes 55 seconds / € 20,-

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