A Bitch for My Boots

7 minutes 16 seconds / € 15,- | You are such a slut for leather, up until a point that you cannot contain yourself anymore. I will change that I will use you and I will condition you to be my boot licking beta bitch. You are going to clean these boots for me and trust me you don’t wanna miss a spot do you. You will start on my soles slowly you will work your way up until the heel. I want all that dirt that stuck on my soles on your face. Slowly work your way up on y shaft and clean it you filthy slut. Start cleaning my boots you bitch! All the way the entire sole the inner corner down to my heel wrap your filthy mouth around my heel and gag on out I wanna see those tears running down your cheeks come on you bitch! Keep down on your knees and suck on my heel! Lick them clean polish them! That’s it deeper suck on it gag on it I don’t care if you are suffocating gag on my heels bitch! Polish them work your tongue on my boots, clean those soles clean them! Suck it bitch! I wanna hear you gag on it I wanna see those tears running down your cheeks. Deeper, deeper! Keep down on your knees crawl over here you slut suck on my heels. All the way stick your filthy tongue up against my boots and clean them! That’s it, suck it! Real good, suck on it bitch. All the way both of them one by one, come on slut! You are just so obedient and willing only for me, leather gets you to your knees! … be my filthy, pathetic beta loser for leather, suck it bitch! Every day you will be my boot licking boot worshipping beta bitch! Down to your throat. You are just a filthy slut for these boots aren’t you, your weakness is insatiable, I am going to teach you to behave, you are going to polish these babies every single day! ….

Missing Piece

6 minutes 47 seconds / € 15,- | Point of view, Femdom Jerking off video in leather gear, elegant, sensual yet sassy and demanding. Leather skirt, leather top and leather wrist length gloves.

If Only

10 minutes 53 seconds / € 15,- | Get down to your knees, right now! There is no way you are leveling with Me! All you have got to do is to obey Me. I will break you and I will break your filthy habits. I will rule over you you simply have to obey and if you fail to do so I will punish you. Stay down on your knees and start begging Me, beg Me to control you, beg Me so you could serve Me. you will be broken into submission before you even realize that you have lost all of your rights. you will sooner then you think beg Me to use you, beg Me to take advantage of you. Sooner then you think the day will come when you will lose yourself to Me.

Addictive Smoke

10 minutes 16 seconds / € 15,- | Get aroused by your newest job description and the longest, most addictive smoking video.

Wolfords JOI

13 minutes 14 seconds / € 20,- | I know that you are weak for My legs covered in pantyhose. I know you so well, I don’t even have to look at you I bet you are stroking already. After all its the one thing you know how to do. But you will pump that cock for My command and you will cum when I tell you to cum!

While it Last JOI

14 minutes 7 seconds / € 15,- | Stroke your cock for Me, stroke it while you have the chance, stroke it while it last! Perfect for the lover and adorer of FemmeFatal, whispering to stroke that cock by a soothing yet commanding voice, while wearing leather and satin among with pantyhose and of course stiletto high heels…

Sign Away your Fortune

11 minutes 2 seconds / € 20,- | Boy you are so easy to read, you are such a weakling for beautiful women. And you so stupid to show your weakness, because I intend to take advantage of you. That you are aroused is obvious and it is exactly where your weakness is and I will take full advantage of your weaknesses. In order to get My attention you are going to pay, you are going to sign away everything you own. Start stroking your cock, stroke for Me! I want all of it! you are to stroke for Me. Pump your cock for Me! I want you to sign away everything you own, pump your cock for Me! All of your property! Stroke your cock! All of your finances! Stroke your cock! I want it all and you, stroke, will give it to Me. Stroke it now! Pump it and remember you are to give Me everything, everything of yours I want everything you own! Stroke it now, you know you want this more then ever you need this! Stroke it! you are gonna give Me everything! Stroke that cock for Me! I know you are gonna agree with Me, sooner or later everything you own you will sign away for Me. Stroke now for Me! you will give Me everything! Everything you own, everything you’ve been working for, everything that you’ve built up until this day, you will give it all to Me! Stroke, just stroke your cock! And realize that I deserve everything! I deserve all that you have, today is yours tomorrow it will be Mine! Stroke that cock stroke it! Pump your cock, pump it real good, pump it for Me! you are Mine! And everything you own I am entitled to have it, you are to sign away your fortune because I own you now! I own your soul, I won your loyalty, I own that cum load I own everything you’ve worked for! Pump that cock! And you know what’s worst in it? you dont seem to worry, you dont seem to resist, you dont seem to disagree, pump that cock for Me! you are Mine and everything of yours belongs to Me. your cock, your erection, your cum load, your fortune, your belongings, your property, even your pet is Mine, even your house pet belongs to Me, I take everything and without resistance you are giving all that to Me! Even your thoughts are Mine! I own you! I own everything about you! Pump your cock for Me, pump it real good now, stroke it and say that you are Mine, say it out-loud, I wanna hear the words you say that you are Mine! Cum for me now! I am happy we understand each other, start redoing your will I’d suggest.

Pump it for Leather and Satin

14 minutes 16 seconds / € 15,- | I think we can both agree on that I look incredible and way out of your league. So what’s it gonna take for you to I look at you. If you wanna stick around there is only one way to do that. Playing by My rules! I rule the game, which means it will happen everything I say all you are gonna do is to obey. In order to have an orgasm, you are going to have to play by the rules, rules that I design! … I want you to take a water glass and just put it near you then I want you to get down to your knees because no way that you are leveling with Me! Open those pants….

Insanity JOI

14 minutes 21 seconds / € 20,- | you are going to pump your cock for Me and only for Me, to these legs covered in stockings. you become weaker and weaker, the more often you come back to see Me, the more addicted you are going to become. I am controlling your addiction, you are only allowed to stroke for Me, only stroking for Me. Soon you are going to realize that its not a choice anymore that you make. you are so aroused by Me that your addiction will grow and grow, your addiction will become stronger and stronger, one that you cannot fight anymore. I want to make you Mine, I want you to become stupid and needy, horny! So you become My personal toy to play with. There will come time when you won’t be able to say no anymore, all you are gonna wanna do is to stroke that cock. you will stroke for Me, day in and day out, the only thing will occupy your mind is the the question when you’ll be able to stroke for Me, I will control your addiction, you will stroke for Me, pump it!

Smoked Leather

3 minutes 14 seconds / € 10,- | A great close up and slow motion of Me while smoking My cigarette, holding it with a classy cigarette holder and dressed accordingly, in satin and leather.

Stroked Counseling JOI

19 minutes 51 seconds / € 20,- | Can you tell me what happened since the last time you came to see me? you’ve made such a great progress and then yet again you had a relapse-fantasy. I frequently get the feeling with you that you are just finding ways to come back even more often. I need to take a firm hand now, I want you to get down to your knees, you’ll be attending therapy-fantasy from now on in this position. What happened? Did you not practice enough? I told you you need to practice a lot, throughout the entire day every day. No do not try to crawl back to that seat, its not for you. People who come to see me and wanna get better may sit down but not you, otherwise you might wanna stick around forever. Down! Staying down where I told you to, and I want you to unload the stress of the day, you’ll be stroke for me now, but first strip all those clothes put them down on the chair, also your underwear. No questions asked, just do as you are told to…

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