Mom Can’t Help Herself

15 minutes 21 seconds / € 15,- | Since her son attending therapy session for the so-many-eth time, didn’t realized it was his Mom who sneaked into the practice, took over charge of everything. Of course Mom though tries it really good, she fails to keep her hands off that smoke! And that means for her son, now that he is unaware of his Moms doing, he will smoke with her. Not that he knows it. After all he was sent to the counselor for having troubling dreams.


Snuif voor Mijn Lijf

7 minuten 8 seconden / € 20,-

Snuif en Rijd

11 minuten 43 seconden / € 20,-

In Therapie

12 minuten 4 seconden / € 20,-

Taste My Foot Get Intoxicated

8 minutes 7 seconds / € 15,- | I will make you the biggest and most filthiest foot addict. I know what you need and I know you are just going to obey. See this little bottle? It contains all that you need to become the biggest most pathetic fucked up slave boy. Take a sniff of this one, it will get you right down to your knees. I am going to make you the most pathetic wanker for these feet. All those wrinkles you are going to worship and lick them clean. You are going to go inch by inch and wank your pathetic cock onto My feet. You are going to lick them clean, all the dirt I want it gone. Wanking it to the sight of My foot. Don’t you leave a spot.

Instruction to Intox

14 minutes 51 seconds / € 20,- | Mommy wants you numbed and stupid, do you think you can do that for Mommy? I want you to inhale and become weak for Me, I am going to make you My personal, little, pathetic, poppers slut. You are going to stay down on your knees, wrap your filthy mouth around My heels and suck it, suck on them for Mommy! You want to please your Mistress don’t you? Now be a good girl and take another sniff at the poppers, each nostrils do not forget that and, stay down on your knees, suck on My heels, lick My soles clean bitch!

Hello Wanker

6 minutes 34 seconds / € 15,- | Hello wanker, stay down on your knees where you belong to. I am going to keep abusing you, keep that mouth right where I want it to be, wide open and swallow the ashes of My cigarette.

Cigarette Break

5 minutes 41 seconds / € 10,- | I want you to stay down on your knees, you understand that right? Enjoy the smoke I blow in your face and hold that mouth open for Me slave boy. Great close up for Human Ashtray Fantasy Lovers. Get lost in My beauty and feed your addiction as I know you crave for more.

Addicted to My Cigaret

10 minutes 20 seconds / € 10,- | you can’t help yourself, am I right? you are addicted to My cigaret and addiction is only to kick by another one. So come closer because I want to tap the ashes of My cigaret off into your mouth. you want even more, don’t you? you want that burning sensation in your throat, even if it hurts, in the end it’s all worthy. It’s not only the Chanel and the beauty it is to submit yourself to it..

Conditioned to the Greater Good

7 minutes 8 seconds / € 15,- | If I snap My fingers it means you need to inhale deep so you’ll get intoxicated, just a mindless puppet for Me to play with as I please. If I snap My fingers twice you’ll do the same thing, twice. you can then lean toward Me and start licking and adoring My black lacquer boots, I know you have a thing for them. you are going to be conditioned to become a mindless plaything for Me. you can start stroking on that cock for Me now, I want you to stroke that cock for Me, cum on! And while you are stroking and getting your dick harder and harder I want you to imagine how it would be laying here under Me, staring at Me from down there when I am unzipping My bodysuit and stand above you, only to piss all over you. How would that feel feeling My urine is dripping down your naked body huh, stroke that cock for Me.

Chained Ashtray

4 minutes 14 seconds / € 10,- | Are you getting already intoxicated by the smell of My cigarette? Or should I chain you to the floor and leave you there until I’ll light another one to use your face as an ashtray?

Cum for Me

19 minutes 51 seconds / € 20,- | Dedicated to one of My real life worshippers, Switch/ submissive toward Me at all times and, who became over the years great friend, I’ve put this little video together. Based on his fantasy, dress code and fetishes. Conditioned to stroke to My command whenever I’d snap My fingers and, he’d inhale poppers. Lots of skin and a slow build up. No dangling in the ground but a smooth and sensual teas just like Me and, gentle humiliation. With his consent I’ve uploaded this custom item.

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