Losers Game is Ashtray

3 minutes 57 seconds/ € 10,- | In beautiful short tight dress with a deep decollate, stockings and heels. Come on loser we are going to play a game where I tap the ashes of my cigarette off into your pathetic willing mouth! High Res 1080p

Smoking #2

3 minutes 30 seconds / € 10,- | Hold it, hold your mouth wide open, catch the ashes!

Kenny, Take a Drag

11 minutes 40 seconds / € 10,- | Come on be a good boy for Step-Mommy, you know you want it, you are so addicted to watching Step-Mommy smoke her cigarette, take a drag Kenny! You know its perfectly fine to wanna get a relief after watching Step-Mommy smoke. I’ll let you finish what you’ve…

Get Lost

6 minutes 47 seconds / € 10,- | Inhale the smoke I blow right into your face. Also, tasks you should be considering when submitting to Me.

Wankers Swallow Ashes

6 minutes 2 seconds / € 15,- | Are you hard on Me yet wanker? Hold your mouth right where I want it to be, you are here for My amusement, you are here for My pleasure.


9 minutes 54 seconds / € 15,- | Care for a smoke? I bet you do. You have no idea what is more arousing, My lace lingerie, My voice or the smoke I blow into your direction. Sensual and seductive smoking fetish clip.

Step-Mommy Smokes

4 minutes 24 seconds / € 10,- | Keep your mouth right where I want it…. take a drag you know you want it. Sensual, seductive, demanding, classy and wicked. Nylons and lace with lots of smoke.

Step-Mommy & Her Little Boy

3 minutes 32 seconds / € 10,- | Care for a smoke? I do feel like smoking. Come on, I won’t tell a single soul, have a drag sweetheart.

Smoke Inhalation

4 minutes 23 seconds / € 10,- | You are getting weaker and weaker by the smoke of My cigarette. Sensual, seductive smoking clip.

Toxic Beauty

9 minuten 23 seconden / € 10,- | Watch Me smoke My cigarette whilst in a satin dress and 100% nylons cover My legs. Be a good little obedient ashtray boy.