Mom Can’t Help Herself

15 minutes 21 seconds / € 15,- | Since her son attending therapy session for the so-many-eth time, didn’t realized it was his Mom who sneaked into the practice, took over charge of everything. Of course Mom though tries it really good, she fails to keep her hands off that smoke! And that means for her son, now that he is unaware of his Moms doing, he will smoke with her. Not that he knows it. After all he was sent to the counselor for having troubling dreams.


Such a Good Little Obedient Boy for Mommy

7 minutes 2 seconds/ € 10,- | Such a good little boy for Mommy aren’t you? Becoming a little obedient bitch just like I thought you to be huh? So I could have more time spent with you. Come on baby swallow it! You are Mommy’s little boy aren’t you? Would you care for a drag? Come on, come here to Mommy!…

Smoke Mommy’s B!tch Boy (Single Edit)

6 minutes 1 seconds/ € 10,- | Now if we are going to play I’d suggest we play it right! Isn’t that what turns you on? If Mommy wants to play then you just wanna do it right. Whoever said you are an alpha was badly mistaking your skills of being Mommy’s good little obedient bitch! ….

Losers Game is Ashtray

3 minutes 57 seconds/ € 10,- | In beautiful short tight dress with a deep decollate, stockings and heels. Come on loser we are going to play a game where I tap the ashes of my cigarette off into your pathetic willing mouth! High Res 1080p

Smoking #2

3 minutes 30 seconds / € 10,- | Hold it, hold your mouth wide open, catch the ashes!

Step-Mommy Needs a Break

4 minutes 34 seconds / € 10,-

Kenny, Take a Drag

11 minutes 40 seconds / € 10,- | Come on be a good boy for Step-Mommy, you know you want it, you are so addicted to watching Step-Mommy smoke her cigarette, take a drag Kenny! You know its perfectly fine to wanna get a relief after watching Step-Mommy smoke. I’ll let you finish what you’ve started, don’t forget to call out Step-Mommy’s name when you unload that spunk.

Get Lost

6 minutes 47 seconds / € 10,- | Inhale the smoke I blow right into your face. Also, tasks you should be considering when submitting to Me.

Wankers Swallow Ashes

6 minutes 2 seconds / € 15,- | Are you hard on Me yet wanker? Hold your mouth right where I want it to be, you are here for My amusement, you are here for My pleasure.


9 minutes 54 seconds / € 15,- | Care for a smoke? I bet you do. You have no idea what is more arousing, My lace lingerie, My voice or the smoke I blow into your direction. Sensual and seductive smoking fetish clip.

Step-Mommy Smokes

4 minutes 24 seconds / € 10,- | Keep your mouth right where I want it…. take a drag you know you want it. Sensual, seductive, demanding, classy and wicked. Nylons and lace with lots of smoke.

Step-Mommy & Her Little Boy

3 minutes 32 seconds / € 10,- | Care for a smoke? I do feel like smoking. Come on, I won’t tell a single soul, have a drag sweetheart.

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