Let Me Fetch My File On You

8 minutes 54 seconds/ € 15,- | How have you been Jake? Are you strong and healthy? But you know real strength is not in the muscles Jake, its in the mind. Get down to your knees, the perfect place for you. You are not a leader you follow commands. Kiss and lick My soles slave, you do like it when I trigger those buttons don’t you? Your only purpose to visit My practice is to practice your pumping skills, come on! As your therapist I will never let you get better, ever! … You still need to blow your load for Me slave! Get yourself cleaned up and out of My office!

What’s it Gonna be Microd!ck?

10 minutes / € 15,- | Hello wanker, so what’s it gonna be pencil dick? Sure I am not going to waste My time on a pathetic loser, guys with microdicks don’t deserve My attention. I tell you what’s it gonna be, only on My terms will you get off! I will lure you further in to degradation, by demanding you to worship My stinky sweaty feet …

Wank for My Heels

12 minutes 20 seconds / € 15,-

The Dirt I Walk On

8 minutes 4 seconds / € 15,- | you deserve non of this, you know you could never attain Me, the only thing you can do is to stroke your cock onto My perfectly wrinkled soles, you can kiss the dirt I walk on! Sensual, Elegant, Classy yet Demanding and Degrading.

Taste My Foot Get Intoxicated

8 minutes 7 seconds / € 15,- | I will make you the biggest and most filthiest foot addict. I know what you need and I know you are just going to obey. See this little bottle? It contains all that you need to become the biggest most pathetic fucked up slave boy. Take a sniff of this one, it will get you right down to your knees. I am going to make you the most pathetic wanker for these feet. All those wrinkles you are going to worship and lick them clean. You are going to go inch by inch and wank your pathetic cock onto My feet. You are going to lick them clean, all the dirt I want it gone. Wanking it to the sight of My foot. Don’t you leave a spot.

Reading, Quit Bothering

11 minutes 19 seconds / € 15,-

My Soles Gets You Weak

15 minutes 36 seconds / € 15,-

Licensed Cruelty

7 minutes 45 seconds / € 15,- | I am so glad to see you have decided to attend therapy-fantasy after all, now call Me a bad therapist-fantasy and just stuff your filthy face up against My soles, sniff it you bitch! Classy and elegant yet demanding, seductive and a tad humiliating. Terms like ‘you bitch’ provide the base to this scene. Fantasy story of which you are dreaming and wishing could just happened to you in your day-to-day life. Buy this clip and cum into My office you bitch!

The Office

12 minutes 59 seconds / € 20,- | Role Playing as in, I personally interview the candidate who has applied for the job at My firm. His resume checks out, but I honestly have different reasons to higher him, if he manage to pass the obedience test of course. So what happens next? I order him on his knees which he complies with without hesitation. From a Point Of View from under My desk (which is made out of glass) I order him further to suck on My heels and worship them, as well as My pantyhose feet, while another command, he has to tear his pants open, grab his cock by its shaft and wank it for Me right under My feet and heels. In the meantime I am finishing his application on the laptop and if he is a good boy and gives Me a great cum I will hit enter and he will get the job. Also in the end I inform him that on casual Fridays he will be expected to leave his clothes in the locker once he arrives to work, to be the office bitch and at everyone else’s mercy who works at this company. Wearing nude pantyhose, Louboutins and sexy satin blouse with a cleavage that will leave you drooling. Sensual and authoritative talk is the core element to this wonderful role play/ gentle humiliation video.

Lik Ze Schoon

10 minutes 9 seconds / € 15,- | Voetfetisjisten ga maar lekker knielen en gebruik je tong om Mn hakken te bewerken, Ik wil ze stralend schoon zien! Je kunt je niet beheersen, je tong zit tussen Mn tenen om ze schoon te likken, om al dat vuil af te likken. Mijn nylon voeten maken jou helemaal zwak tot je het niet meer aan kunt, Ik sluit af met JOI. Wat je ziet is, hoge hakken, nylon voeten, gerimpelde zolen, mooie tenen om ze te aanbidden terwijl de Point of View is vanaf de vloer, waar je hoort, onder Mijn voeten. Ik commandeer je om Mn hakken, zolen en tenen zoals het moet van een slaafje schoon te likken en te aanbidden. Vanaf het ongeveer de midden begin Ik te vertellen om je pik langzaam te beginnen te trekken, tot aan klaarkomen.

Stocking Feet Sniff

6 minutes 29 seconds / € 15,- | Did you really we were gonna get intimate? This is as good as it gets for you stuff your filthy face against My soles! Are you coming already? You may proceed to blow your load you pathetic, loser, beta bitch!

Joyful Soles

10 minutes 3 seconds / € 15,- | Staring at My perfect, pantyhose covered legs is enough to get you to your knees. Your arousal cannot lie, you have a boner on Me, only by staring at My legs and these perfect feet. You are going to pull on your cock and the whole time I want you to keep staring at these soles. Perfect JOI for the nylon weak and jerkaholic audience… there is so many man like you out there, just weak…

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