Cum Guzzling Slut

9 minutes 13 seconds / € 15,- | My business has been booming since you are nothing but a pathetic creature who let alone never been dating, but you are just fantasizing about all those cocks you’d love to suck. I am gonna teach you how to become the best version of yourself because deep down you are a cum guzzling little slut, sissy fag! Isn’t that right? You are gonna glory hole yourself in the shower, then some day in a parking lot you’ll be kneeling down sucking another mans dick!

You’ll be a Full Time Sissy – Orelse I’ll Expose you

15 minutes 1 seconds/ € 15,- | your problem starts literally in the bedroom… back in the time when I was dating you of course I didn’t know what embarrassment you were hiding in your pants.. or shall I say panties! Ever since we became friends, let me emphasize it to you it was when I have friend zoned you… that’s the kind of thing that you are getting hard on, I should have known that when at the restaurant on our first date I pulled my panties off and slipped it to you when the waiter wasn’t looking… I knew it right then and there you were never gonna make a good lover… and I know you have still kept my panties and I know you are sniffing at them when that tiny little clitty of yours wants to squirt orgasm! Yet you pretend to be some hot shot, well you are not! I bet no one knows that about you, what a panty sniffing loser you are…..

Ride it Bitch

14 minutes 12 seconds / € 20,- | you seem to Me so extremely obedient already… I am going to explain to you how you are gonna XXX yourself with the biggest dildo that you can find in your drawer and, stop pretending we both know that you are hiding stuff. Until I am smoking you need to make sure that you have all the space you need for this instructional video, do you understand Me? Also I need you to fetch the biggest most cruelest dildo that you can find. I am gonna need you butt naked for this one. That hole is going to be stretched open. Do all the thing you need to do to make this work.

I Want You On The Cover

17 minutes 36 seconds / € 20,- | I have the perfect job for you. Every year we are organizing an event to introduce our freshest products, which is this year a super stay lipstick in the shade of red. But before I take you with Me to take the stand in front of all those people I need to make sure your cocky is locked in this chastity to avoid a boner poking through your pants. you are not only have to tell everyone how this make up wears but also proof it that it stays where I say it stays. That means you are gonna have to get down on your knees and suck all guests after the presentation we have organized a swinger party. you are going to suck cocks for Me and this company. you are going to be on the cover and sky rocket this company because all those bitches will buy our products all those who dream about sucking cocks while you are granted the opportunity to do all that because you know I have the keys to that cock cage and I decide on whether or not letting it free…

Sissy Bitch

10 minutes 41 seconds / € 15,- | you must be the biggest whore in town, you were just scared to admit it, you were lying to yourself you were lying to Me and everyone around you, you were deep down just a cock sucking whore. you will take all cocks I provide for you, you will bend over and down to your knees, you love sucking cocks especially when you are doing it for your Mistress. Say it, say it out-loud that you are a big slut and you love those cocks being stuffed in your mouth and shoved down your throat.

Turned into Clit

18 minutes 2 seconds / € 20,- | Since that you are locked up for good I think you can still be amusing to Me. I want you to get down and start sucking My dick! I want you to strap your rubber cock on to the floor and slide on to it, slowly, let it penetrate you to the max. I wanna hear you moan, I wanna hear you scream like a slut! Slide that dong in to your asshole and say, scream it out loud that you are a slut! Make it noisy, make the neighbors wanna come to your rescue. Slide on that cock and at the same time rub that clitty rub it real good through that cock cage, while jumping on that cock for Me.

Locked Away Sissy

8 minuets 4 seconds / € 15,- | I know I told you only for the weekend and yes, I know it was last weekend but hey, I remember you were almost volunteering to get your c*ck locked up in that tiny chastity. you were saying it would be fun to visit bars down town while your c*ck is pressing against that cold, hard metal cage and no one knows about. Now you are saying we should have signed a contract on when to get your manhood freed again? I see, only a week in chastity and you are already becoming smarter. Just like I told you, chastity isn’t a bad thing, it helps your inner growth. I think I am going to hold on to these keys for the foreseeable future. Aw don’t be upset I am sure we can arrange somethings so you can unload all that’s on your mind. I am sure if you just rub it real good just one or two more times you’ll be letting it flow through the cage.

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