JOI in Neon

9 minutes 5 seconds / € 15,- | It is something you are most certainly not used to experiencing with Me. While I am teasing your already weak mind and making your cock harder than it’s ever been. You see me, shimmering like gold, wearing Wolfords Neon Gobi 40 pantyhose. My glorious bare tits mesmerizing you even more while I’m sensually dictating each and every touch of your cock. Your are shocked and your downfall is sealed when I deny you and leave you desperate to cum your brains out. This gentle humiliation is what you crave. Before you even realize it My voice will seduce you, you will lose yourself in my curves as your cock remains so hard for Me. The realization dawning on you once again that I own your erection.

Frustrating Stockings

4 minutes 12 seconds / € 10,- | I am fully aware of your addiction and, I will most certainly make advantage of it. Look at My beautiful stockings, I want you to watch them from close and get frustrated because this isn’t one of those videos where I let you get off.

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