Losers Game is Ashtray

3 minutes 57 seconds/ € 10,- | In beautiful short tight dress with a deep decollate, stockings and heels. Come on loser we are going to play a game where I tap the ashes of my cigarette off into your pathetic willing mouth! High Res 1080p

Degraded Smoke (Xtended High Heel Worship)

9 minutes 38 seconds/ € 15,- | This is an extended version of the video with the same title in 4K. This extended version is in high resolution but not in 4K and is therefor a spiced up version with high heel worshipping of an extra, lovely, almost 3 minutes. Download this clip to please…

Degraded Smoke 4K

7 minutes 45 seconds/ € 15,- | Be a goodboy for step-mommy in 4K and keep your mouth wide open! Feels good right honey? There is nothing you would rather do then just be at step-mommy’s feet. Its time to serve me bae, open wide, open it up for step-mommy! PoV/ FemDom/ Humiliation/ Human Ashtray…

Most Beautiful Smoke

5 minutes 29 seconds / € 10,- | Watch me and get mesmerized by the most beautiful smoking fetish FemDom clip of mine. Dressed in shiny black lacquer just adds an exquisite touch to this. Of course I use you for an ashtray.

Lacquer Smoke Xtended

6 minutes 14 seconds / € 15,- | Smoking in black lacquer and thigh high boots whilst tapping the ashes into your mouth, because it takes a lot to serve me, you do understand that. Come closer, closer to me! Dont be afraid it will burn just a little bit!

All That You Are Good For

8 minutes 27 seconds / € 15,- | So here are some ground rules, for you obviously. You are undergoing each and every torment I have in mind for you. You are staying down on your knees, keep your mouth wide open spread it. You are going to be my personal ashtray. Huh wanker? Do…

Swallow the Ashes of My Cigarette

7 minutes 38 seconds / € 15,- | I don’t even have to say it anymore, keep down on your knees and hold your mouth wide open right where it is now so I can tap the ashes of My cigarette off.

Submit to be My Ashtray

10 minutes 8 seconds / € 15,- | If you want to be at My services then you need to proof yourself worthy. I care about, I get what I want! If you want to be near Me that has a price! And that will be you doing exactly what is expected of you in…

Smoking #3

3 minutes 34 seconds / € 10,- | Keep down on your knees! Get aroused just by looking at Me smoking. Perfect sensual, seductive and wicked smoking fetish clip, wearing stockings and high heels with a touch of lace.

Lick My Ashtray Clean

6 minutes 16 seconds / € 10,- | As of now you will stay down on your knees awaiting the Mistress when She lights Her cigarette, mouth wide open where I want it to be, lick My ashtray clean, chew on the ashes, swallow it!