Handjob Negotiations Part I.

15 minutes 43 seconds / € 20 | Custom Clip December 2022 – so I have married my husband for his assets only. He is such an average white man, we dont often have sex. Of course I know he has needs so he is an easy t arget when I want to seduce him to redo his will, making me the only beneficiary. I threw on a little lace barely something to cover my perfectly smooth skin, seduced him with my curves and tempting voice, gave him a handjob, as our arrangement we agreed on when we got married. He would become so weak that he’ll do whatever I want him to. That is why I have married him. I knew being a trophy wife and having a luxury life will suit me. He was so weak that he couldn’t contain himself, he was literally dripping precum as I was teasing his cock with my gorgeous hands and nails… especially those balls I know he loves when I play with… as I said, we do not often have sex… I tend to use my skills on him when I really want something and I get it…

Pay Me You Pig

13 minutes 55 seconds / € 20,-

Leather in Pearls

9 minutes 36 seconds / € 20,- | So you are easy to read and therefor predictable which allows someone like Me to take full advantage of you. you are going to give Me everything, everything you own, also your stocks. All because you are a pathetic weakling who only cares to stroke his cock. you can start making those phone calls to your lawyers and get the paperwork done till tomorrow.

Financial Seduction

17 minutes 52 seconds / € 20,- | Do you wanna play? But I make the rules and don’t even think that you’ll beat Me in My own game. Stroke your cock for Me, stroke it real good, look at My perfect tits, I am the only one who can get that cock to be aroused, that is why I am going to take everything from you, all of it, all of your property, estates, all of your finances, you will give everything to Me. Oh you’ve heard that before, did you now? Stroke that cock for Me, stroke it now. Perfectly built financial domination, let Me seduce you with My curves and breasts that are only covered with just fishnets, let Me drain you completely while My nipples poke through My bodysuit. Lots of skin, topless, bum covered gently with black lace underwear, fishnet bodystockings and of course high heels. Sensual, elegant and classy with a wicked twist to it.

Conditioned & Drained

9 minutes 17 seconds / € 20,- | Serving Me is a privilege. I want to explain to you how this will go down. you will going to be locked away in chastity and I will keep the key. When your tiny mind is useful again you will work for Me, real hard. It takes everything to please me to keep Me satisfied. I will take away your method, dignity and pride, your ego I will control. I will use you for My own advantages. I want your company and everything with it, even your corner office. Everything will be Mine, all of your finances, property, your cars, summer houses even your PJ. I will destroy you I will break you, I will break your ego into a million pieces until there is nothing left of it. All of your assets below to Me now, so you can serve Me, all of this you have lost for your pathetic urges. I will give you reason to exist, you will become Mine, I will break you and shape you for My personal taste.


23 minutes 41 seconds / € 30,- | Don’t be afraid! It will be our little secret! But it will cost you everything, everything you ever owned, everything you’ve ever worked for, all of your finances, all of your assets! you will go broke for Me, I will make you bankrupt! I want all of it, everything you have, everything you have ever owned! you are going to have to build a company from the ground up, only for this one orgasm, but don’t be afraid, I will keep your secret, but it will cost you everything! Stroke that pathetic wiener for the fact that you went broke for Me, stroke it for the odds that your wife will divorce you, stroke that cock you fuck, stroke it and sign away everything to Me!

Sign Away your Fortune

11 minutes 2 seconds / € 20,- | Boy you are so easy to read, you are such a weakling for beautiful women. And you so stupid to show your weakness, because I intend to take advantage of you. That you are aroused is obvious and it is exactly where your weakness is and I will take full advantage of your weaknesses. In order to get My attention you are going to pay, you are going to sign away everything you own. Start stroking your cock, stroke for Me! I want all of it! you are to stroke for Me. Pump your cock for Me! I want you to sign away everything you own, pump your cock for Me! All of your property! Stroke your cock! All of your finances! Stroke your cock! I want it all and you, stroke, will give it to Me. Stroke it now! Pump it and remember you are to give Me everything, everything of yours I want everything you own! Stroke it now, you know you want this more then ever you need this! Stroke it! you are gonna give Me everything! Stroke that cock for Me! I know you are gonna agree with Me, sooner or later everything you own you will sign away for Me. Stroke now for Me! you will give Me everything! Everything you own, everything you’ve been working for, everything that you’ve built up until this day, you will give it all to Me! Stroke, just stroke your cock! And realize that I deserve everything! I deserve all that you have, today is yours tomorrow it will be Mine! Stroke that cock stroke it! Pump your cock, pump it real good, pump it for Me! you are Mine! And everything you own I am entitled to have it, you are to sign away your fortune because I own you now! I own your soul, I won your loyalty, I own that cum load I own everything you’ve worked for! Pump that cock! And you know what’s worst in it? you dont seem to worry, you dont seem to resist, you dont seem to disagree, pump that cock for Me! you are Mine and everything of yours belongs to Me. your cock, your erection, your cum load, your fortune, your belongings, your property, even your pet is Mine, even your house pet belongs to Me, I take everything and without resistance you are giving all that to Me! Even your thoughts are Mine! I own you! I own everything about you! Pump your cock for Me, pump it real good now, stroke it and say that you are Mine, say it out-loud, I wanna hear the words you say that you are Mine! Cum for me now! I am happy we understand each other, start redoing your will I’d suggest.

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