Submit to be My Ashtray

10 minutes 8 seconds / € 15,- | If you want to be at My services then you need to proof yourself worthy. I care about, I get what I want! If you want to be near Me that has a price! And that will be you doing exactly what is expected of you in this case, open your mouth! Now keep that tongue, stick that tongue outside I want to put My cigarette out on your tongue, burning isn’t it? Just so you know it is the least of pain you will endure by working for Me sacrifices needs to be made and orders must be followed up, you’ll lose all of your privileges as a human being, you will have no right to speak unless spoken to, you will just become a little toy to play with, for My own amusement, and catching the ashes of My cigarette is just one tiny part of it trust Me, you need to know what you are signing up for!

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