Conditioned & Drained

9 minutes 17 seconds / € 20,- | Serving Me is a privilege. I want to explain to you how this will go down. you will going to be locked away in chastity and I will keep the key. When your tiny mind is useful again you will work for Me, real hard. It takes everything to please me to keep Me satisfied. I will take away your method, dignity and pride, your ego I will control. I will use you for My own advantages. I want your company and everything with it, even your corner office. Everything will be Mine, all of your finances, property, your cars, summer houses even your PJ. I will destroy you I will break you, I will break your ego into a million pieces until there is nothing left of it. All of your assets below to Me now, so you can serve Me, all of this you have lost for your pathetic urges. I will give you reason to exist, you will become Mine, I will break you and shape you for My personal taste.

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