Black Lacquer JOI CEI – Lured into CEI

17 minutes 21 seconds / € 20,- | you may slowly start to stroke your cock. You will stroke your cock while staring at My killer legs, covered in stockings. While you stroking your cock you’ll be dropping down to your knees and you’ll start worshipping My killer heels. Lick them, kiss them, stroke that cock. Anything I say anything you have to do for Me you will keep stroking that cock. Staying down on your knees kiss and lick My high heels. you will stroke so long until you become an obedient slave boy. Nice long up and down strokes. Stroke that cock. Worship My feet My high heels, in the meantime do not stop, you wil be conditioned by Me. Stroke it, stroke that cock, that boner belongs to Me. Slowly, I don’t care if you are on the edge, if you almost come, stroke to My voice, stroke to My command, to My killer legs. You are addicted to My looks, My stockings, and most certainly to these killer heels. Do not stop, you’ll be stroking for Me, you’ll be stroking for very long time. Stroke it! I don’t hear you begging Me, I think I just gonna want you to keep stroking. Beg Me so you can cum. Beg Me so I allow you to have that orgasm. Say Goddess, please Goddess, I am nothing without you Goddess, please let me have that cum Goddess, I am your property Goddess, let me cum for you Goddess! I am gonna count down for you and then you are gonna have to splatter that cum all over the floor, you just said you will do as I say you just said you are gonna be a good boy for Me, splatter that spunk all over the floor and I want you to eat it, you just said you will do anything for Me, so I’d suggest you hold up your end. Until the last drop, don’t you miss a spot!

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