Seductive Curves

9 minutes 22 seconds / € 15,- | Welcome back, it didn’t take long for you did it? Since you don’t even know how to get off without Me telling you to do so where do you think that leaves you. You are clearly depending on Me. There are many reasons to say the least that I am so much better than you but I think we just don’t need to stretch that. I do believe that you need to get down to your knees, right now because no way that you are leveling with Me. Grab that cock one more time, squeeze it, isn’t it pathetic? I need to tell you how to grab that cock because without Me you don’t even know, stroke that cock for Me, stroke it, nice and long up and down strokes! No back talk just stroke it! You are going to stroke your cock for Me, back and forth up and down!

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