Lick My Shoe Clean

5 minutes 13 seconds / € 10,- | your place is from now on down there, on your knees! Underneath My feet. you are to worship these heels, polish them, adore them, suck on them, you understand Me? you are nothing but a slave and you will obey every single wish of Me! Worship and lick the heels of your Mistress, all the way down through the entire sole. Just obey! Keep cleaning, keep worshiping these heels, you know this is the only thing that can get you aroused, start obeying just like you meant to. Worship these legs, worship My heels, get that tongue nice and working, down on My heel and back again, gag on it suffocate for Me, the entire sole and then back again. Gag on it, I wanna hear you gagging! Work your way through the entire sole back to the heels! Clean them, lick them!

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