Sniff & Stroke

13 minutes 21 seconds / € 15,- | I want you to stare at My feet all day long. Look at all those wrinkles. Isn’t it perfect? Just keep staring at them, while I apply a beautiful coat of red nail polish, keep stare at My feet at all times all the while I polish them. These toenails. After that I just might make you wanna jerk off to the sight of My beautifully polished red toe nails. What you think? What you really think doesn’t matter does it? The important is that I know how to get that boner nice and hard for Me. Isn’t it the only thing important? Look at that! Its coming along isn’t it? And you are just longing more and more for My feet, the longer you are staring at them the more obvious its going to become that you are programmed by them. All you are gonna wanna do is to get a hard one onto the sight of My feet and those wrinkles. Am I right?

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