Smoking in Satin

5 minutes 48 seconds / € 10,- | Enjoying yourself? I bet you are, I bet you just love watching Me. Love watching My cigarette how its burning. Which one is it? Having a bit of trouble controlling yourself? Why am I not surprised. Why am I not surprised when it comes to you? Its like I know you. What a shame, the ashes of this cigarette goes literally to waste. How hard is your pants now on a scale from 1 to 10? is it hitting the ceiling already? I bet you dont know where to gaze in all that beauty. Is that My legs that turn you on or are those My nails? Or is it the way I look down on you whilst I smoke My cigarette, nicely and peacefully. Addictive isn’t it? Its seems like there really is a loser today and it really is you, because you see, you could have been such a great ashtray to Me if you were just here. But I have no problems with teasing the fuck out of your mind, its even better this way because you know why? you would just keep longing for Me.

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