JOI for My Red Soled High Heels

21 minutes 56 seconds / € 20,- | you still there? Are you still there creeping and watching? Staring at Me basically. I tell you what. If you so badly wanna stick around, you are gonna do a little thing for Me. you are going to amuse Me and you are going to amaze Me…. Only the sight of My beautiful red soled high heels can get you so turned on and, the only thing you wanna do to yourself is to get a relief. I tell you what little slave boy, yes you will be My little slave boy, as soon you become so weak that you cannot resist anymore especially you can’t say no to Me. So get that cock, grab it by the shaft and you are gonna go a little faster on that, we are gonna do a little edging. you are not gonna splatter that spunk not just yet. We are gonna do a little game here, if I say stroke you will if I say stop you will. So you are gonna stroke now, stroke, keep stroking that cock for Me and, trust Me..

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