Insanity JOI

14 minutes 21 seconds / € 20,- | you are going to pump your cock for Me and only for Me, to these legs covered in stockings. you become weaker and weaker, the more often you come back to see Me, the more addicted you are going to become. I am controlling your addiction, you are only allowed to stroke for Me, only stroking for Me. Soon you are going to realize that its not a choice anymore that you make. you are so aroused by Me that your addiction will grow and grow, your addiction will become stronger and stronger, one that you cannot fight anymore. I want to make you Mine, I want you to become stupid and needy, horny! So you become My personal toy to play with. There will come time when you won’t be able to say no anymore, all you are gonna wanna do is to stroke that cock. you will stroke for Me, day in and day out, the only thing will occupy your mind is the the question when you’ll be able to stroke for Me, I will control your addiction, you will stroke for Me, pump it!

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