Sexual Counseling

17 minutes 15 seconds / € 15,- | your wife is unhappy and the reason she is not divorcing you its because you provide a living, but how come that whenever you return in therapy-fantasy you are full of joy, how come then she is so unhappy because you cannot maintain a hard one in the bedroom? you never told her your needs because you are afraid shed freak out yet you feel safe here to open up about it. In order to get better Clark I need you to pull your pants down and start stroking your cock on to this view, com on hurry up My seven o’clock is almost to arrive you want to get better so you need to get off Clark to go back home to her happy like you never been, unloaded of all stress and shed be glad once again you’ve attended therapy-fantasy. you are so bad Clark, you should be punished for your naughtiness seriously, stroke that cock stroke it to orgasm Clark I am going to give you a nice count down, stroke it and get that loaded cum out of your system. I’ll put it in your file that you’ve made great progress but I see a great chance for a relapse-fantasy so I see you next week same time, now get cleaned up and get out of My office.

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