Jakes Date with Destiny

11 minutes 29 seconds / € 15,- | I was sitting in the lone heart bar on 8th street, you know the one? you came up to Me and started talking so I bought you a drink. I know the bar tender quite well, she and I go way back. She gave Me your credit card information, social security number and drivers license, you wanted Me to know all that. I made you call your boss to take off the week and, your wife too. She didn’t seem to miss you and to want to have you around, she said “Take as long as you need dear”… doesn’t sound to Me like the perfect marriage does it? Why are you naked? Don’t worry you won’t need your clothes, see you will be serving Me day into night, night into day. For some reason it brings a smile to your confused face, that little soldier is starting to rise between your legs. Why not grab that lotion I set beside you and start stroking that soldier for Me. you need a powerful, beautiful woman to tell you what to do..

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