Conditioned to the Greater Good

7 minutes 8 seconds / € 15,- | If I snap My fingers it means you need to inhale deep so you’ll get intoxicated, just a mindless puppet for Me to play with as I please. If I snap My fingers twice you’ll do the same thing, twice. you can then lean toward Me and start licking and adoring My black lacquer boots, I know you have a thing for them. you are going to be conditioned to become a mindless plaything for Me. you can start stroking on that cock for Me now, I want you to stroke that cock for Me, cum on! And while you are stroking and getting your dick harder and harder I want you to imagine how it would be laying here under Me, staring at Me from down there when I am unzipping My bodysuit and stand above you, only to piss all over you. How would that feel feeling My urine is dripping down your naked body huh, stroke that cock for Me.

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