Locked Away Sissy

8 minuets 4 seconds / โ‚ฌ 15,- | I know I told you only for the weekend and yes, I know it was last weekend but hey, I remember you were almost volunteering to get your c*ck locked up in that tiny chastity. you were saying it would be fun to visit bars down town while your c*ck is pressing against that cold, hard metal cage and no one knows about. Now you are saying we should have signed a contract on when to get your manhood freed again? I see, only a week in chastity and you are already becoming smarter. Just like I told you, chastity isn’t a bad thing, it helps your inner growth. I think I am going to hold on to these keys for the foreseeable future. Aw don’t be upset I am sure we can arrange somethings so you can unload all that’s on your mind. I am sure if you just rub it real good just one or two more times you’ll be letting it flow through the cage.

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