Foot Addict Boyfriend

10 minutes 20 seconds / € 15,- | Since you’ve been staring at My feet all the time there is only one way to figure this out. Take out your cock and start stroking now. you bet I’ll be stuffing My foot in your face and trust Me, men can’t lie! If your cock becomes even harder while stroking it to the sight of My feet I was right and you are a pathetic, wanking freak. Don’t worry honey, I always knew there is something different about you, why you were so eager to buy Me all those high heels and stockings. Although I am quite upset since I will never sit on that cock ever again but hey, aren’t you just the perfect boyfriend to buy Me all those nice things and, I do love designer shoes and designer clothes so you bet, I’ll max out your credit card for this just stroke that cock to the sight of My foot you loser wimp!

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