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‘Mastering others is strength,

mastering yourself is true power.”

~ Lao Tzu

men were born to obey

if you think about it, men are natural born servants… men were out there hunting for food, while women were kept home in the utmost safety… men risked their lives to support their growing community and offspring… yet again women in lots of cultures are still refferred to as to be the weaker sex which couldn’t be more wrong, as women today almost everywhere in the world has achieved great success in fighting for equal rights, women wear pants and lead independent lives, still men sees themself the provider, the bread winner… basically just a servant to her…

It is not new to Me after all to see you around. You’ve just followed those urges that led you here, bowing down.

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Send Me, MrsW. your inquiry and describe your fetish, briefly but thoroughly from the first to the last detail. I make content in both, Dutch and English.

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Book an online session with Me, MrsW. Give into your needs, surrender your fears, relapse into another fantasy.


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Emphasize your fragility, don’t hide your effeminate behavior, instead put those heels on, get those lips glamorous stuff your bra and get that purse gurl! Contact Me, MrsW. to train and transform you.


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The classy and elegant seductress, the ultimate femme, the Mistress. Among diverse fetishes like smoking, Mommy, Goddess I will get you addicted…

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Have a closer look into My daily life and the work I do behind the cameras. More domination, darker colors… different levels to choose from.

Servitude is…

Hosiery & Garments

My worn nylons, pantyhose and lingerie is the sweetest salvation to a lifelong gooner, paypig, wallet you name it…Buy one, buy them all… in the end its all what matters, so you can say it out loud; Thank You Goddess for having enslaved me. Instruction to follow; after submitting payment, within PayPal send ‘Thank You’. I will get in touch and send you an envelope sized package your way. MrsW.

€ 75,00

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